Australia Silences Criticism Of Vaccines, Benefits of Homeopathy
When the facts surrounding the safety and effectiveness of
vaccines begin to be brought into the light, the only option
left for those who manufacture, promote, and/or force vaccines
onto the general population is to silence the presentation of
those facts. Indeed, it is also imperative that those same
forces prevent any alternatives to vaccination and financially
incentivized medical dogma from becoming known amongst the
general public.
Federal court finds homeopathic 'vaccines' for whooping cough misleading
Homeopaths who claim their treatments can replace vaccinations
have been put on notice after the federal court found a company
selling homeopathic "vaccines" was engaging in misleading and
deceptive conduct.
Equal opportunity: Homeopaths demand recognition by government
When vacancies for doctors are announced in India, they are
distributed among homeopathic and allopathic doctors. Pakistan's
government should improve standards of homeopathic education and
induct homeopathic doctors in the public sector, Dr Hafizullah,
former member of the National Council for Homeopathy NCH, said
on Friday.
Conversation about homeopathy revived
The dismissal this past week of Quebec's so-called 'Queen of
Homeopathy' from Quebec's Order of Pharmacists is reviving the
conversation about the practice of homeopathy. Michele Boisvert,
a licenced pharmacist for nearly a half a century, was found to
have broken the rules of the Order this past week by endorsing
products produced by her company, Homeocan.
German homeopathy remedies to be made in India soon
know-how behind German homeopathic remedies for ten ailments
will be shared with Indian experts to facilitate their
production locally with indigenous resources,
"Fatally flawed" review puts Aus research council's methods in doubt
The methods of Australia's National Health and Medical Research
Council have been panned after expert opinion branded its review
of evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy as"shoddy" and
"fatally flawed" prior to its publication.