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    AIDS still a very real problem: HIV discoverer
    My own work is not directly related to homeopathy, but we found
    a technology that helps detect latent infections by using high
    dilutions. We proved that we may get rid of the virus but that
    it may stay in our body in a latent form through the technology
    of electtromagnetic waves and bacterial dna. I was researching
    on this subject for the past ten years including the research in
    Jiatong University at Shanghai in China. The work has appeared
    in peer reviewed research papers. We are trying to expand the
    theory of water memory for medical applications.
    Should alternative medicines have their government rebate cut?
    More Australians are turning to alternative medicines and
    natural therapies but after a review found no proof that 17 of
    them work, there are calls to cut the government rebate for
    Think 'approved' homeopathic cold, flu remedies are safe?
    For parents of young children the answer is not as simple as a
    spoonful of cough medicine. There is little proof that
    over-the-counter cough and cold remedies work in children, and
    plenty of evidence they can cause harm.
    Taxpayers to fund teaching of 'pseudo-science'
    Profit-making colleges would receive taxpayer funding to teach
    students unproven alternative remedies such as homeopathy,
    flower essence therapy and iridology under the Abbott
    government's proposed higher education reforms.