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Request Advice : Case of darkened smelly crotch

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  • Request Advice : Case of darkened smelly crotch

    Dear List Members,

    I have been treating a patient for the last three months, the chief symptoms of whom are as follows :-

    1. The area of the skin in the fold of the thigh and the scrotum has darkened and is dark brown/purplish/reddish in colour. Initially the darkening took place only in the front but has now progressed all around the fold of the thigh ....right up to the anal region.

    2. The smell of the skin in this area is very very offensive....something like decaying flesh/ something dead. In fact a finger rubbed in the area just cannot be is that offensive.

    3. After a bath/ shower the skin gets tender and can be rubbed with a finger and peels off easily uncovering a shining inelastic skin underneath.

    4. Perspiration seems to aggravate.....and the patient gets a slimy feeling in the area between the thighs and the scrotum.

    The treatment was PSORINUM 200 ..given as four split doses in water over two days.
    The area seemed to dry up and the smell slightly less. After waiting for a period of nearly one and a half .....the patient was given PSORINUM 1M ....given as two split doses in water over two days. There was no reaction..It has been nearly a month and a half since the last dose.

    The problem remains nearly the same and there has been no improvement.
    Thanking in advance ....
    RRS Riat

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    RE: Request Advice : Case of darkened smelly crotch


    Apparently Psor. was only very slightly effective in palliating - so not
    at all even close to a partial simillimum.

    Have you taken a full case, as opposed to only focussing on the local
    lesions ?

    About 11 remedies in the rubric below are also known for fetid odor.

    SKIN - ERUPTIONS - desquamating
    acet-ac.;1 acon.;1 agar.;1 agar.;1 am-c.;3 am-c.;3 am-c.;3 am-m.;2
    am-m.;2 anac.;1 ant-t.;1 ant-t.;1 apis;1 ars.;2 ars.;2 ars-i.;2
    ars-s-f.;1 arum-t.;2 aur.;2 aur.;2 bar-c.;1 bar-c.;1 bell.;3 bell.;3
    borx.;1 bov.;2 bov.;2 bufo;1 calc.;1 calc.;1 calc-s.;1 calc-sil.;1
    canth.;1 canth.;1 caps.;1 caps.;1 carb-an.;1 carb-an.;1 caust.;1
    caust.;1 cham.;1 cham.;1 clem.;2 clem.;2 coloc.;2 coloc.;2 com.;1 con.;1
    con.;1 crot-h.;1 crot-t.;1 cupr.;1 dig.;1 dig.;1 dulc.;2 dulc.;2 elaps;1
    euph.;1 euph.;1 ferr.;1 ferr.;1 ferr-p.;1 fl-ac.;1 ger-i.;1 graph.;2
    graph.;2 hell.;2 hell.;2 hell-f.;1 iod.;1 iod.;1 kali-ar.;2 kali-c.;2
    kali-c.;2 kali-s.;3 kali-s.;3 kali-sil.;1 kreos.;1 lach.;1 laur.;2
    laur.;2 led.;2 mag-c.;2 mag-c.;2 manc.;1 medus.;1 merc.;2 merc.;2
    merc-c.;1 mez.;3 mez.;3 mosch.;1 mosch.;1 nat-ar.;2 nat-c.;1 nat-c.;1
    nat-m.;1 nat-m.;1 nat-p.;1 olnd.;3 olnd.;3 op.;1 op.;1 par.;1 par.;1
    petr.;1 ph-ac.;2 ph-ac.;2 phos.;2 phos.;2 pip-n.;1 pix;1 plat.;1 plat.;1
    plb.;1 plb.;1 psor.;3 ptel.;1 puls.;2 puls.;2 ran-b.;1 ran-s.;1 ran-s.;1
    retin-ac.;1 rhus-t.;2 rhus-t.;2 rhus-v.;2 sabad.;1 sabad.;1 sec.;2
    sec.;2 sel.;1 sel.;1 sep.;3 sep.;3 sil.;2 sil.;2 spig.;1 spig.;1
    staph.;2 staph.;2 sul-ac.;1 sul-ac.;1 sul-i.;1 sulph.;2 sulph.;2
    tarax.;1 tarax.;1 teucr.;1 thuj.;1 thuj.;1 urt-u.;1 verat.;1 verat.;1

    David Hartley
    San Francisco EastBay
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      Psor (the nosode) in such a case will aggravate.
      One doctor here in calcutta gave psorinum 1M to a leg ulcer case. The case was actually lyco. the case developed gangrene and died a bad death.

      As far as the particular case in concerned, i have found similar symptoms in carc, lac caninum, merc. please note that you need to repertorize and take the full case.

      Please don't make a hasty prescription based on my suggestion.

      dr manish agarwala
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        Please have that patient examined by a allopathic doctor to diagnose what the problem is. It might be an infection of fungal origin as I know of a couple of cases of this nature and they turned out to be fungal infections.
        Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.


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          Re: Request Advice : Case of darkened smelly crotch

          Dear Rana,
          Boger's rep:
          pg 1152 agg and amel:
          wet getting amel: while sweating agg:4 aco,2
          antc,3ars,4bellisp,4 bry,3calc ,4clem,5
          colch,2con,4dul,2 natc,2 nat s,5 rhus t,4 sep.

          odor of body :bad, offensive etc: (pg 911, sensations
          and complaints)
          2 ars,5 bap, 3 graph, 4 hep,2 kali io, 4 merc, 5 psor,
          4 rhus t, 2 sep, 2 sul, 2 thu

          pg 949, skin: desquamating: a long list
          --do- over affected parts: rhus tox.

          I do not know whether the pt is male or female. These may also count in the final analysis. But imo Rhus t is a sound possibility. If no mental symptoms are present to contra indicate Rhus t can be considered.

          This method of case analysis is Boenninghaussen's and has a proven record of success for 150 years and suited especially for such cases. recently VT Yekkirala posted a case from George Dimitriadis ( who has given his time and energy for releasing yet another corrected volume of Boenn..'s repertory.) With similar modalities but with different sensations. the indicated remedy just worked fine.

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            Re: Re: Request Advice : Case of darkened smelly crotch

            If it is fungal, what is the specific fungicide do you have in mind for this case ? The freedom from names is what has allowed homeopathy treat and cure miraculously. A fungus is a cause - only in case the right soil is found to thrive. This also will be just speculation since based on this no medicine is possible in Homeopathy. The external manifestations of the internal malady is what counts:-)

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              dear rana
              i looked at the synthesis rep and tried to recollect from my experience
              i think you may look at these remedies:-
              lach, dulc, graph, hep, merc, cinnb, lyc, nat-c, nat-m, nit-ac, petr, rhus-t, sars, sil, sulph, lac can.
              i have noticed something similar in a lac can patient. (check clarke mm.) all remedies had failed and lac can had worked.
              merc / cinnb can have it and also rhus t.
              does the patient have aversion to washing / dirty hygiene ? you may think of sulph then. bad odor is psorinum. i have seen sweet (but offensive) odor of the the sweat in those parts in thuja. i have seen thuja and other sycotics to have a tendency to rub those parts and to smell the finger.
              hope this helps the patient.
              dr manish agarwala


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                Re: Request Advice : Case of darkened smelly crotch

                With the darkening skin which peels, has a decaying smell, this sounds more like Lachesis or Arsenicum, maybe even Pyrogen but there is scanty information to confirm either rx.

                If the <<< washing is indeed that high ranking then even Sulphur could fit the case.

                There is a rubric male, excoriation between thighs and scrotum, but I would also cross reference with the relevant rubrics for skin discolouration, peeling skin and perspiration odour.

                Is it perspiration that is causing this problem or are there other factors to the case?

                Best, Joy

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                  Reproducing material medica

                  i am sure u must be having headache by now as every one is so good at reproducing materia medica feeling perhaps this is a sign of wisdom
                  i have always shouted at this attitude as it is a reflection of very stereotype knowledge
                  any way
                  i believe no Homeopathic Medicine go without action and it does bring some benefit
                  in my humble opinion u can use the following prescription for good response though it not a classical one but tested and tried

                  thuja 30 thrice a day
                  gunpowder 3X four hourly
                  locally thuja cream
                  use it and find the response
                  love and regards


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                    Re: Re: Request Advice : Case of darkened smelly crotch

                    This sounds like what every male who has played high school or college sports has had to deal with at one time or another in his life - the dreaded "crotch rot". It is associated with a fungus, the same one apparently that is associated with athlete's foot and is treated/suppressed allopathically with any of a number of over the counter anti-fungal preparations. Although these preparations do relieve the symptoms, the underlying susceptibility remains and the symptoms will often reappear or move to another level such as bladder infection, swelling of the inguinal glands, joint problems, etc.. Cleaning the area with alcohol, although painful, will kill the fungus but, may cause the same problems as other suppressive methodologies. Hydrogen peroxide may be less inflammatory but, may also act suppressively.

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                      Case of darkened smelly crotch

                      Couple of remedy possibilities:

                      Opium - covers all three - red, brown purplish skin; water and perspiration
                      aggravate; slimy skin; has eruptions during perspiration, desquamating skin.

                      Petroleum - specifically covers - male genitalia, eruptions between thighs;
                      male genitalia, eruptions, herpes with soreness and moisture spreading to
                      anus and thighs; lots of different eruptions around the male genitalia
                      (including vesicular and desquamating), has offensive odors, perspiration
                      aggravates, red and bluish skin discoloration; skin, moisture aggravates,
                      and has offensive eruptions/ulcers, etc.


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                        Request Advice : Case of a Darkened Smelly Crotch

                        Dear David, Venkata, Joy, Manish, Baity and Philip,

                        Thank you for your replies.....
                        With the input you all have given me, I am now going to retake the case with his past history and mentals into consideration. I shall keep you posted about the remedy I am going to administer him.

                        I am going to meet him next week and shall write back after about a couple of weeks.
                        RRS Riat


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                          Update: Darkened Smelly Crotch

                          Dear List Members,

                          Thank you all for the advice rendered on the case....
                          I did repertories the case after taking his mental symptoms ....
                          The symptom list as per Kent's Repertory is as follows:-

                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Desquamating:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Exuding:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Moist:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Joints:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Joints:Desquamation:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Joints:Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Lower limbs:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Lower limbs:Desquamation:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Lower limbs:Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Lower limbs:Moist:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Thigh:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Eruption:Thigh:Between thigh:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Excoriation:Bends of,joints:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Excoriation:Thighs,between:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Itching:Thigh:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Itching:Thigh:Between thigh:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Itching:Thigh:Inner side:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Itching:Thigh:Near genital organs:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Perspiration:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Perspiration:Thigh:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Perspiration:Thigh:Between,:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Perspiration:Thigh:Between,:Offensive:
                          [Kent ] [Extremities]Perspiration:Thigh:Near genitals:Male genitals:
                          [Kent ] [Generalities]Bathing:The affected part amel:
                          [Kent ] [Generalities]Blackness of external parts:
                          [Kent ] [Generalities]Perspiration:After:Agg:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Itching:Thighs,between:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Eruptions:Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Eruptions:Moist:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Eruptions:Scrotum:Thighs,between:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Eruptions:Scrotum:Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Eruptions:Scrotum:Moist:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Eruptions:Scrotum:Moist:Between,and thigh:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Eruptions:Scrotum:Between,and thighs:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Odour,stinking:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Perspiration:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Perspiration:Offensive:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Perspiration:Scrotum:Thighs,between:
                          [Kent ] [Perspiration]Odour:Fetid:
                          [Kent ] [Perspiration]Odour:Musty:
                          [Kent ] [Perspiration]Odour:Offensive:
                          [Kent ] [Perspiration]Odour:Putrid:
                          [Kent ] [Perspiration]Symptoms:After sweating,agg:
                          [Kent ] [Rectum]Moisture:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Discoloration:Blackish:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Discoloration:Bluish:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Discoloration:Dirty:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Discoloration:Red:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:Blackish:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:Desquamating:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:Discharging:Moist:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:Discharging:Glutinous:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:Discharging:Thin:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:Fetid:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Eruptions:Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Excoriation:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Excoriation:Scratching,after:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Inelasticity:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Intertrigo:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Itching:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Sticking:
                          [Kent ] [Skin]Unhealthy:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Business:Averse to:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Concentration:Difficult:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Concentration:Difficult:Studying,reading,etc.,whil e:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Confidence:Want of self:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Conscientious about trifles:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Contemptuous (see scorn):
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Contemptuous (see scorn):Of :Everything:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Contradict,disposition to:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Discontented,displeased,dissatisfied etc.:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending:Reading,while:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Dwells :On past disagreeable occurrences:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Envy:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Forgetful (see memory):
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Forgetful (see memory):Words,of,while speaking:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Indifference,apathy etc.:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Indifference,apathy etc.:Business affairs,to:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Indolence,aversion to work:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Jealousy:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Malicious:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Memory :Weakness of (see mistakes):
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Memory :Weakness of (see mistakes):Business,for:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Memory :Weakness of (see mistakes):Do,for what was about to:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Memory :Weakness of (see mistakes):Heard,for what has:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Memory :Weakness of (see mistakes):Read,for what has:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Prostration of mind:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Sexual excesses,mental symptoms from:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Theorizing (see plans):
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Weeping,tearful mood,etc.:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Weeping,tearful mood,etc.:Admonitions,cause:
                          [Kent ] [Mind]Work:Aversion to mental:
                          [Kent ] [Genitalia male]Masturbation,disposition:

                          The patient does not have any strong desires/aversions....
                          He has had some instances of flaccidity of penis on penetration/ during intercourse but desires are very strong....He was earlier prescribed Staphysagria for chronic lower back ache ( major indicator was a very strong desire for tobacco) and the problem never recurred again.
                          I intend prescribing Sepia 200 or Graphites 200 considering the totality of the symptoms.
                          However I will wait till I hear back from all those who wrote to me.
                          Thank you ....
                          Waiting for your comments on the case.....
                          RRS Riat


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                            Update : Case of darkened smelly crotch

                            Dear List members....

                            Thank you all for your suggestions. I prescribed SEPIA 1M in two split doses.....and the case was cured...

                            RRS Riat