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    Has anyone on this list seen nerve damage deafness reverse or improve?


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    Hi Sherill,

    I think the first thing to be certain of, is whether the diagnosis of "Nerve damage" deafness is entirely accurate. there may be a lot of overlap in the cause of a person's acquired deafness - nerve, conduction problems, infection, etc.
    One patient (a young girl) with a hearing loss of about 80% which includes apparent "nerve" deafness along with tinnitus and a history of chronic ear infection inthe past has improved to about 20% hearing loss over 1 year of treatment. The tinnitus continues however in varying degrees. This was not her chirf complain though.
    I think when the tinnitus begins to improve, then she will be truly almost cured.

    On the other hand, another patient who was apparently improving on her chronically indicated remedy chanced to tell me that her deafness (nerve related, heriditary, post pregnancy - she uses a hearing aid) had deteriorated. It alerted me to the fact that i was probably not on the the similimum, but a close similimum. On review, it turned out that she needed another salt - ie instead of Argentum Nitricum, she needed Natrum Nitricum. She began to improve drastically with just one drop of Lm1!
    hope this helps,

    dr. Leela


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      RE: Re: auditory nerve

      Thanks Dr. Leela,

      This does help. We are at the stage of investigation and questioning but preliminarily I suspect that his Dx of nerve damage is a combination of hereditary tendency aggravated by vaccination. Even a partial improvement in hearing for this young boy with hearing aids would be great.

      We are not sure if he had any more hearing at birth than he has now but what you say tells me that it is possible to improve.




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        Dr Robert Cooper - of note due to his reputation for curing cancer also wrote a short work titled - "Inflammation of The Middle ear". In it he points to a method I have often used [ once on myself] .
        " Professor Jago's opinion that the dryness of the INNER surface of the membrane has a great influence on its ability to receive and transmit sound. He concludes that there must be a layer of dried mucous on the INNER surface of the membrane , which being sound absorbing , transmits the sound from within the middle ear to the ossicular chain and this gives rise to tinnitus".
        As cooper says , we thus have an additional explanation of the utility of GLYCERINE , which by osmosis is transferred through the membrane and removes the tough inner skin that causes the trouble.
        He also points to the great virtues of Hydrastis liquid applied to the tympanum and Calc Phos 3x taken internally.


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          Interesting info Passkey!