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Appreciating Julian Winston!

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  • Appreciating Julian Winston!


    Although most people do not know it, Julian Winston has been quite ill recently...and NOW is as good a time as any to ask people to send LOVE and prayers his way...and for us to express appreciation to and for him. When I told Julian that I was sending my love and prayers his way, I told him that this is an old-fashion type of "radionic" broadcasting...and much to my surprise, he had no problems with this type of "radionics."
    (Let's just make certain not to call it "homeopathic!").

    When I pray and when I call on "God forces," I do not think that God is a noun or person or a thing. I think of God as an energy, a process, a dynamic force! God is the ultimate vitalist! I do believe that conscious broadcasting of prayer and love can have an influence, and I ask us all to direct good vibes to Julian.

    I don't want Julian to be dying before we express our APPRECIATION to and for him. We on this list have seen, felt, and read his love for homeopathy. Although we will not always agree on all topics, there is little doubt in my mind that there are many more issues on which we DO agree than on those in which we don't. And even on the ones that we don't agree, I personally always honor the passion that Julian continues to give to his well articulated point of view...and bless him for conveying it. And it is not just the passion and the well-articulated nature of Julian that I is also his immense generosity, that deep deep well of energy for homeopathy that he taps into and continually pours out...and from which we ALL drink.
    Does anyone "second" my motion?

    Dana Ullman

    P.S. I plan to put this email up at minutus too. I want Julian to soak in the "twin barrel" of love that the homeopathic community has for him.

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    Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!

    I absolutely second this and add that I too am very grateful for Julians's strong stance on what is and what is not homeopathy. I find him to be very open and accepting of all kinds of energetics, therapies and even a little of
    what some of us might call "woo-woo." Just don't call it homeopathy! I can't agree more. I am also into some "other" possibilities but never mistake them for homeopathy.

    Julian, where will we be without your insistence that we clarify what we are talking about AND that we spell it right! ;-)

    Thank you for being such a clear-headed, steadfast, knowledgeable and fearless supporter and defender of homeopathy.



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      Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!

      I for one will pray for him and hope for him to get better. He always shared his thoughts with us and I appreciated his knowledge and openness as his willingness to share his knowledge with us.

      I wish there were more like him out there.



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        Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!

        We know him as JW
        And he collects strange junk.
        Most of it is papers that he gathers by the bunch.
        He started saving papers when everyone thought him mad.
        And now that he has saved them we are really glad he has.

        He plays a musical instrument that has a lot of strings.
        Between playing strings and saving papers, he does a lot of other things.
        He proselytizes homeopathy, a crusader and a teacher.
        We writes and reads and keeps in touch with followers and leaders.
        If this was the tarot deck, he could gladly play the fool.
        In the world of homeopathy he truly is a jewel.


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          what are you playing at?
          I thought you had been quiet
          You keep us in line
          You make us think
          Your passion and presence on this list has always been so reassuring to a
          newbie like me.
          You guide and you encourage
          you're honest
          You're integrity shines out

          What ever your journey now, I pray it is a good one

          Get Well Soon Julian

          with love and gratitude

          Caroline :-) xxxxxxxxxxx

          Of course I second all that you have said.....

          Free Range Education The Book About Home Education :-)


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            Appreciating Julian Winston!

            You are in my thoughts and prayers too.
            I've thoroughly enjoyed your zest in championing
            the "real" homeopathy over the past 10 years I've known you.
            May your wee roon lum reek roondly!

            Brian R. Connelly, LMHC


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              Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!

              Julian, imho, you're one of the very best Homeopathy has ever had. Even if we did lock horns on occasion, I appreciate that you made me THINK, and that's what a GREAT teacher does.

              Be well, be happy, but above all, be JULIAN. I hope we will meet someday, somewhere. Who knows, we might even like one another!

              Yours with Love and God's Blessings,
              Sandra Tripp


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                Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!


                Julian you are a Jewel!
                I will pray for you



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                  FW: Appreciating Julian Winston!

                  I'd like to add my own vote of loving appreciation here. For years and years Julian has been a knowledgeable and generous resource person for many/most of us. Along with a host of others on and off this list, I consider him a trusted and very valued friend. He is, and will continue to be, in my prayers and those of my family.

                  We owe you, Julian!

                  With ongoing and heartfelt thanks,



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                    Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!


                    I certainly want to thank you for the great welcome you provided me (and hundreds/thousands of others) and the quality of instruction when I went to my first extended classes on Homeopathy, at the NCH Summer School.

                    For your leadership and long effort in the NCH Newsletter.

                    For your leadership behind the scenes in the few places I know about and probably the hundreds of important situations I know nothing about.

                    For your participation as a steady guiding light in this and other homeopathic email lists.

                    For your bringing homeopathic history, people and literature alive in both your presentations and publications. I remember an "Faces of Homeopathy" slide show you gave at Endicott College (NCH summer school) where I learned of the lives and struggles of many a homeopathy - effecting how I related to so much of our crucial Homeopathic 'ancestors.'

                    And thank you most of all for thinking and searching deeply for truth and understanding - and always having the courage to speak and write what you've found.

                    Eric Leventhal Arthen


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                      Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!

                      Hey Julian sending positive thougths and vibes your way, hang in there.

                      I will include you in my prayers...Shelley


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                        Appreciating Julian Winston!

                        JW Rocks!!! Sending you positive, healing thoughts!

                        Michelle T. Bernard
                        BLAKKATZ Naturally Raised American Shorthairs


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                          Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!

                          Julian's knowledge and role as a keeper of history is one of imeasurable
                          importance and value.

                          Apart from our love and prayers, is there anything else we as a homoeopathic
                          community can do for him. ?

                          Warm wishes from all in Australia



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                            Re: Appreciating Julian Winston!

                            My best wishes to Dear Julian to get well soon.

                            With Prayers and lots of love.



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                              dear Julian,

                              I send you thoughts of love and healing.

                              God is always with whomever seeks Him. I pray for an outpouring of Grace and Love in your heart that will energise you to health.

                              Thank you for all your sincere and loving contribution to our Homeopathic Community worldwide.

                              with love,