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  • turbinates

    Hi Group,

    Can a enlarged turbinate of nose cause a obstacle Turbinate 10-12 yrs old which is blocking the whole nostril but can breath through thou has alternate stooped feeling.

    Constitution has produced much change but has not reduced the size of
    turbinate. Even after three mnts of the dose.

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    Clarification necessary

    Is the obstruction physical deformation of bone.
    Or just a "feeling of".
    Is the "stopped" problem on inhalation or exhalation.
    What happens "alternately".

    What constitutional remedy -s-, have been used and for how long , in what potency.


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      Re : turbinates

      Thanks to kris and leela and rosemary,

      I only wanted to know can a large growth like turbinate cause a recurrence in the acute attacks, especially when the constitution has not removed nor has not produced any change to the growth( may be it may take time but is there a chance that it never occur). So can we use a specific in this case, or can we go for a surgical removal of the condition. I am well aware that surgery alone wont cure this chronic rhinitis type or attacks but can it aid the cure during homeopathic treatment. When i had referred the MM text's there are many remedies to polyps in nose but only one medicine for turbinates ( Lema minora). Has any body cured the turbinates with our medicines.

      In this case there is a obvious large turbinate in the right nostril, pt is allergic ( gives cold and later dysena) from may many things like dust, change i weather. During a ordinary day the pt can breath well through both nostrils but when it is cloudy ( some times with out cause) there is an obstructed sensation in one or both the nostrils so has to breath through the mouth. If u examine the nostril the right nostril is totally closed but can breath with out any difficulty except in the above said conditions. The cause of enlargement is recurrent colds and sneezing due to the tender constitution , which is now complicated by drug over and injudicious use.



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        Re: Re : turbinates

        Case of turbinates in 5 year old child. Right nostril almost closed from the swelling. History of repeated ear infections and use of antibiotics, healed with the use of Pulsatilla and Ferrum phos. The ears being the root of the problem and the general symptoms of the turbinates only the result. You may need to address the chronic colds with Psor, Bac, or Tub, befor you can have any effect on the turbinate itself. break the cycle of the colds and you will have the answer, perhaps.