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help request - repping a visual symptom

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  • help request - repping a visual symptom

    Woman describes a new visual symptom:

    It only appears at the outer peripheries of my vision. Usually only one eye has been reported once on left side and three times on right side]. It's the same effect as looking through water where the distortions are sort of wavy. The segment of my sight where I see this wavy sort of thing starts at the lower half or upper half of my peripheries then increases in size until almost the entire outer portion is engulfed. It's intense. It's weird. It's distracting. No increase or decrease of light (no dimming) and definitely not like the flashes I used to have. I still have good distance and close up vision while this takes place. The headache comes in about 5 minutes.


    This lady had severe migraines for about 30 years. Comes from a family where high percentage of females have migraines, and a few males have cluster migraines. A male cousin who had them, died of brain aneurysm at age 23. With homeopathic treatment (and avoidance of food triggers for about 1 year) she now only experiences diminished migraine only at onset of her period. She previously had the classic 'scintillations' visual symptom but does not report that symptom now. This new symptom appeared about 6 months ago.


    Using the 'classic' language found in the reps, what vocabulary most accurately covers the watery, wavy, distortions that she is now describing? swimming, trembling, vibration (as of heated air), wavering, confused???????? None of these seem quite right, and I would really appreciate any ideas.


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    reply to donna

    dear donna
    have you used sepia 200c on this woman already?

    What remedies have you used with results?

    G Tyler


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      Personally I would probably use a rubric such as in ; BOENNINGHAUSEN:

      Vision; agg.; headache; before (19) : aran., canth., coca, gels., glon., graph., hyos., iris, Kali-bi., lach., nat-m., phos., podo., psor., rhus-t., sars., sep., stram., ther.

      together with other relevant rubrics in the case. Otherwise if you pick the wrong adjective you could exclude appropriate remedies.


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        RE: Re: help request - repping a visual symptom

        Thank you for your kind response. This was not a case of requesting help with the case, but rather with learning better or more appropriate vocabulary in repping a symptom using the individuals description. The response on and off list was very helpful and helped me see some of the rubrics from a completely different point of view. I quite agree with your approach to choose general rubrics to insure a good remedy does not slip through the cracks. However, this is a case where the migraines were vastly improved and this is a totally new symptom (or rather she perceives this in a totally different way to any of her previous visual symptoms). I wanted to explore the possibilities available using her wording.

        Thank you again.