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  • Nosodes

    Hi all,

    How does one claim that nosodes, say Tuberc, is not homeopathic?

    (a) Tub is proven by an actual patient from whose sputum the nosode is made;
    (b) Tub is administered in minute quantities - as are other homeo meds.
    (c) Tub - if given in large or material doses would produce TB with all its symptoms;
    (d) Tub is always given in potentised doses.

    What else is required for it to qualify as a true homeopathic remedy?

    Please enlighten me.

    Jeff Tikari

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    Re: Nosodes

    Hi Jeff,

    (Sorry, I've been skimming!) Was someone saying that they are not? Maybe because they have not had *formal* proving? (Tho I agree with your reasoning, that the disease itself, together with chronic effects noted in survivors and descendents, surely is a sort of "natural proving"...)

    But my main thought--*nothing* is homeopathic by its nature; it becomes so only by the manner in which it suits the individual case. So a remedy could be (depending upon how prescribed) homeopathic, antipathic, allopathic, isopathic or something else.

    I think some people have called non-homeopathic their use when not based strictly on the immediate symptom picture, but instead on indications such as "indicated remedy failed to work" or "clearing the miasm", etc. But even then I would call it homeopathic, but simply based on a broader and subtler symptom picture than that usually needed.

    Does that work for you?


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      Totally lost on this one

      Never heard of anyone claiming that nosodes were NOT homeopathic.

      Simply a grouping , mostly derived from mico organisms, such as Anthrax but also including Cholesterol, ambergris, and many types of milk .

      Nosode is just a label.

      There is a seperate class such as the Bach bowel nosodes .

      But it would be possible to call the glandular remedies , such as thyroidinum, nosodes -- as far as I know no one does.


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        Re: Nosodes

        A nosode is considered as similar to homoeopathy when it is used as a sarcode. That is when you routinly give Tub to a person with the actual disease, do not specifically match the symptom picture with a remedie picture. This is isopathy and not considered homoeopathy - the use of 'same' iso, instead of "similar" homoeo as medicine for curing disease.



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          Re: Nosodes

          Originally posted by jeff
          I realise this is too 'picky' a subject to really argue about. Similar can be contained in 'same' though not the other way about. The symptom picture of a patient with TB would match a very high persentage of the remedy picture of Tub. which one could call 'same' or 'similar' or whatever.
          Anyway, I'll leave it at that.
          What is different is that the remedie is not given homoeopathically but simply for the disease state itself. As in for another example Thyroidinium in thyroid disease, regardless of how the disease is in fact manifesting the difference of symptoms which we would look for as homoeopaths. Similar (homoeo) resemblance to or of the same kind (dictionary definition). Same (iso) monotonous, uniform, unvarying. Isopathy is a simplification of the homoeopathic process a therapeutic approach. Which must not detract from the fact that it is a usefull tool for any homoeopath but they will not automatically cure the disease from which they are derived ( in my experience). Read Organon 6th edition footnot 63 and compare it to the 5th edition footnote 5 to see how Hahnemann's views on this subject changed. In the higher attenuations Isopathy is effectively homoeopathy.



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            Any use

            of a nosode remedy in the treatment of the disease itself is NOT homeopathic and has no business on this forum.

            Nosodes are used to treat hereditary conditions that may be RELATED to a condition . It is used on the basis of voluminous provings to which the case should be matched.

            It is my opinion that anyone using a nosode in a potency below 30c is taking a risk.