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    Gina, thank you! I'll try and have a look at those books, and I will share
    what you say about left and right hands with two friends who may also be
    interested. You are an amazing person to be there for people in Bali (like
    the girl with snake bite, who I hope is better now) and presumably for
    patients where you live, and still take time to answer questions from folks
    like me. Teresa (in VA)

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    Dear teresa
    Hope all is well been reading your wonderfull posts.

    In energy medicine the left hand is the receive energy from the
    universe,homeopathic remedies,people......etc. the right hand is for
    depositing energy into another,or expelling energy to release it or
    throw it out.

    In regards muscle testing with remedies this is what i always do place
    the remedy in the patients left hand using the right hand for the
    muscle testing.

    More on this ;The Healing energy of your hands by michael Bradford
    Also; Taoist Cosmic Healing by Chia (book)

    Gina Tyler

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