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Latest News of Nat Phos 6x for Weight Reduction

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  • Latest News of Nat Phos 6x for Weight Reduction

    I am copying my post of June 10th on this Forum in response to a post from Luise Kunkle today requesting information on my discovery of Nat Phos 6x for the reduction of weight. I believe that its regular use can make a big difference in the treatment of Obesity throughout the world especially now since official statistics indicate that 60% of the population in the US falls into this category.

    10th June 2005, 08:15 PM
    Joe De Livera

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    Latest News of Nat Phos 6x for Weight Reduction

    I first discovered the amazing effect that Nat Phos 6x had on weight reduction last September when I gave this remedy to an obese man to help with his gastric reflux problem. I was surprised to discover that he had shed about 5 kg in about a month when he saw me to get more supplies of the remedy.

    I released my discovery to the World last Christmas Day on this and other Homeopathic Fora but for some reason unknown to me I was not informed by the usual email alert of the many interesting posts that were made by many learned Homeopaths on this forum which I would have loved to have participated in, if only I was aware that they had been posted on this thread.

    Since last December I have had many remarkable records to substantiate my discovery that Nat Phos 6x is the Ultimate Weight Reduction remedy. I have recorded a few cases that used this remedy and it is safe to state that the weight loss is usually a pound per week or 2 to 3 kg per month. Incidentally I had inadvertently stated in my first post on December 25th 2004 that this weight loss was 2-3 kg per week due to a typo which I corrected just today to read as "per month" when I did a search for this article which I remembered I had posted on this Forum.

    I do not have the benefit of carrying out any clinical tests with Nat Phos and weight reduction but my observations are that it seems to work by accelerating the passage of food through the gut thereby preventing the complete absorbtion of the food by the body, which will in turn prevent any weight gain. The weight loss may be due to the increase in the quantity of urine that is usually passed by the person taking the remedy. The ideal dosage that I now recommend is 2 tablets after lunch and 2 after dinner. The rate of success is in the region of 90% and the maximun weight loss was recorded in the first patient who was a massive 125kg at 6 ft and dropped by 30kg in about 6 months at which weight he is stabilized and comfortable. Another girl who works in my organization who was 92 kg on January 1 has reduced her weight by 13.5kg up to date and is now on just 1 tablet after each of 2 meals daily. Apart from the weight loss she has noticeably reduced in her bodily proportions which are quite streamlined today.

    I have not had any negative after effects reported with its daily use and it also seems to be an added boon to senior citizens who suffer from constipation who are now depending on this remedy to help with their daily functions. It in interesting to record that one person who used liquid paraffin for years is now solely dependent on Nat Phos which he also stated helps him to sleep deeply.

    I am glad that I was able to quite accidentally discover and record the amazing effect that this remedy which has been in use for over 150 years in Homeopathy, to help control gastric conditions, and to also reduce the weight of the obese throughout the world. I do hope that those who read this post will spread the word about the amazing ability of this remedy to reduce weight to all who would like to reduce their weight even by a few pounds, which it will do very safely.

    It is interesting to record that I tried to contact many newspapers and TV and Radio Broadcasting Channels in the US and UK to inform them of my discovery which I was offering them free of charge to be published and broadcast in their media so that the many millions of people who see this message who are overweight can benefit from my discovery. I regret to state that there was absolutely no response received from any of them. It is possible that they were influenced by the fact that I was trying to promote a Homeopathic product which is usually taboo in many medical circles.

    It was ironic to note that the BBC had a whole newscast on April 16 2005 on a new discovery that a firm in Belgium had made of RIMONABENT which is based on a chemical closely connected to Cannabis. Tests were carried out and the following results were noted:

    "The Dutch team taking the higher dose of rimonabant showed improvements in cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol levels, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, a condition which can increase the risk of heart disease.

    However, they also showed the highest level of side effects such as nausea, dizziness and diarrhoea.

    Rimonabant works by blocking the endocannabinoid system in the brain which regulates hunger."

    It is indeed unfortunate that I encountered no interest especially from the BBC who made Headlines a few weeks ago with news of this latest "discovery" which I presume will soon be released and marketed at a very high cost to the public, but showed no interest in this very safe alternative that I was trying to promote through their media which has absolutely no negative side effects and which was also more positive than Rimonabent in its effectiveness.

    It is now accepted that the level of Obesity in many of the developed countries of the world is over 50% of the population. It is my hope that the Governments of these countries will be made aware of Nat Phos 6x as being the ideal Weight Reduction Formula which is also very cheap to obtain as it only costs about $3.00 per 250 gm for the product in India and this pack contains about 2500 tablets. Sufficient publicity has to be made by these concerned Governments to publicize this remedy for general use after they carry out clinical tests to satisfy themselves of its characteristics and especially of its safety to be used as the ideal Weight Reduction Formula.

    I hope that through the medium of a Forum such as this and especially those who read this post, that more publicity will be made about this amazing remedy which can positively reduce weight in at least 90% of those who use it in the manner that I have suggested above.
    Joe De Livera
    Sri Lanka

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    Re: Latest News of Nat Phos 6x for Weight Reduction

    Hi Joe,

    Another question that comes to my mind--when you have given or suggested a remedy to someone do you take a "full" case first (find out what their other health issues might be, physical and/or mental/emotional), and do you make a practice of doing (as long-term as feasible) follow-up afterwards? Because there are *lots* of ways to deal with isolated, single symptoms. The problem has been that treatments sometimes cause *other* problems.

    In your own experience with taking arn 6c nightly you clearly do have an overarching perspective--you've said that your overall wellbeing has improved during this regimen. But are you making sure that this is the case for all of your other "patients" too--or at the very least have you alerted *them* that this is what you hope to see? And alerted them to be aware of the *overall* effects?



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      Use of Arnica and Nat Phos daily

      Hi Shannon,

      Please see my post on Arnica cures Eczema and Cellulitis which answers your question with reference to Arnica. It has done me and many others who have used it daily a lot of good and I have no hesitation in recommending its use (Arnica 6c) to anyone even though it is contrary to the accepted norms of the use of remedies in Homeopathy. I have been the willing guniea pig for 9 years of nightly usage and it is my present state of wellness that I can offer as proof of the efficacy of this therapy which I do believe can help many others to a better quality of life. Others who have also used it are impressed with their own sense of wellness which they can attribute to the nightly dose of this remedy which I now recommend is best taken in the wet dose, a teaspoonful every night after succussion of the bottle a few times.

      In the case of Nat Phos 6x I have ample proof that this does not require any restrictions whatever as it has invariably been found to be effective in the reduction of weight when taken in the dosage 2 tablets after lunch and dinner.

      I had a report just this morning from a patient who was most anxious to reduce her weight that she had shed 5 pounds in 2 weeks. This is about the average drop in weight that can be expected and as long as one takes it regularly this drop of weight will continue. This weight loss can be arrested in about a week by stopping the therapy.

      As fas as I know, it is perfectly safe in use and I do hope that all who are overweight consider using it and experience the satisfaction of losing weight safely and fast.
      Joe De Livera
      Sri Lanka