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  • Addendum to mercury post

    A friendly warning given me by someone who read my recent message on the cilantro cleanse:

    Before you recommend ANY detox. - please make sure the individual is
    already having good bowel movements, and some sort of 'simple diet' for a
    few days BEFORE you attempt any detox program. If the individual begins to
    remove wastes but does not immediately have a smooth running/fully
    functioning system - you have the potential for major backups, with higher
    toxic levels in their system. This is a recipe for trouble. This is when
    'medical' supervision is vital.


    PS: Um...I did not ask her exactly what she meant by a 'simple diet' but will post that information if/when I receive it.

    Sorry this is off-topic, but it seems important to let people know. Unfortunately homeopathy has not helped my problems with mercury toxicity.