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    Dual licenses can put doctors under double scrutiny

    Complaints against homeopaths, physicians licensed and regulated by their own examining board, can also be investigated by two other state agencies, which has caused jurisdictional disagreements.

    Awkward moment for prince at the chemist's

    Most men will know the feeling: idly plucking something off the shelf in the chemist's, reading the label and then putting it back hastily with the strong hope that nobody noticed what you were looking at. Yesterday it happened to the Prince of Wales when he picked up a seemingly innocent bottle of Wisteria Sinencis while on an official visit to the pharmacy of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.

    I'm convert to homeopathy, says minister

    Mr Hain revealed to a gathering of GPs who integrate complementary and conventional medicine in their practice that he had become a "true convert" after using homeopathy on his first baby, Sam, who suffered from eczema and asthma.

    Hain to champion homeopathy

    Peter Hain will today reaffirm his belief that homeopathic treatments and other complementary therapies should be openly available on the NHS.

    Two-day seminar on homoeopathy

    The Research Society of Homoeopathy organised a two-day national "Homeopathic Scientific Seminar" at the National Botanical Research Institute auditorium on October 8 and 9.