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    Study Compares Regulation of Conventional, Homeopathic Drugs

    A new study comparing the standards by which homeopathic
    medicines are regulated to conventional drugs and dietary
    supplements shows that homeopathic medicines undergo extensive
    Food and Drug Administration FDA pre-market evaluation that more
    resembles traditional pharma than dietary supplements.

    Teething sucks

    Our pediatrician, a new mom herself, recommended we try Hyland's
    Homeopathic Teething Tablets. Apparently some of her other
    patients well, their moms swear by the tablets. So we'll give it
    a go and hope they provide Quin with some relief.

    Is homeopathy a healing idea whose time has come—again?

    She became a homeopath herself at a time when few were
    practising in the United States. Twenty-five years later,
    Ohanian runs a thriving practice in Minneapolis, treating many
    people like herself for whom conventional medicine has failed to
    relieve chronic illness, as well as those seeking a deeper sense
    of well-being.

    Suspicious vials checked out after library scare

    The Morgan County Public Library's main branch in Madison was
    evacuated Thursday after a library worker found a box of vials
    labeled as anthrax and other dangerous substances in a load of
    books donated to the library. The Morgan County Sheriff's
    Department called in the FBI and a hazardous materials team from
    Athens after the vials were discovered Wednesday. Officials now
    believe the vials contained homeopathic treatments for the
    deadly agents listed on the labels of the 52 vials, not samples
    of the agents themselves, and likely never posed a health threat
    to anyone in the library.