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    The mystery of coin-shaped baldness

    Homeopathy has been treating alopecia areata very effectively.
    What's more, it treats the underlying cause of areata as well.
    We've got great results with homeopathy, however the time taken
    to show results depends on the extent of hair loss. If it's a
    small patch and it's recent, it can be controlled much faster.
    If the condition has existed for long, like alopecia areata
    totalis/ areata universalis it could take around 3 years to
    achieve complete results. What's more homeopathy can re-grow the
    hair in this condition at any age, as technically 100% cases are
    curable, as there is no damage to the hair follicles in areata.

    The People's Pharmacy

    A recent study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic
    Surgery January/February 2006 found that homeopathic arnica
    pills seemed to have a small but measurable effect on bruising
    following a face-lift.