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UK: Charles defends holistic medicine

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  • UK: Charles defends holistic medicine

    Charles defends holistic medicine
    (Filed: 23/05/2006)

    Your view: should the NHS pay for holistic medicine?

    The Prince of Wales will defend alternative therapies when he addresses the
    World Health Assembly today, after a group of leading UK doctors attacked
    complementary medicine.

    Prince Charles
    The prince is a advocate of homeopathy

    Prince Charles will urge foreign health ministers to adopt a more holistic
    approach to tackling health problems when he delivers his speech in Geneva.

    His comments come a day after a group of British scientists implored NHS
    Trusts to reject the use of complementary medicine and use available funds
    for treatments "based on solid evidence".

    In a letter published in the Times, Michael Baum, emeritus professor of
    Surgery at University College London, and 12 other scientists said funding
    of what they called "unproven or disproved treatments" in the NHS was

    The letter, also signed by Nobel Prize-winner Sir James Black, criticised a
    report commissioned by the Prince which suggested that making complementary
    therapies more widely available on the NHS might lead to widespread benefits.

    "At a time when the NHS is under intense pressure, patients, the public and
    the NHS are best served by using the available funds for treatments that
    are based on solid evidence," it concluded.

    But Charles, a steadfast advocate of alternative therapies, plans to stress
    the importance of factors like diet, the environment and housing to
    well-being during his address to the World Health Organisation's
    decision-making forum.

    "The state of our health reflects the food we eat, the exercise we take,
    the water we drink, the air we breathe and the quality of our housing and
    sanitation," he will tell the gathering.

    He will go on to say: "Of course, none of what I say today should detract
    in any way from the extraordinary success that modern medicine has
    achieved, particularly over the course of the 20th Century, in preventing
    and treating such terrible diseases as smallpox and polio."

    The use of complementary medicines alongside orthodox treatments is
    something the heir to the throne first raised more than 20 years ago.

    He went on to establish the Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health,
    which encourages the development of complementary medicines and integrated

    Supporters of complementary therapies said today that the campaign urging
    the NHS to reject the treatments was frustrating and amounted to "medical

    Dr Peter Fisher, clinical director of the Royal Homeopathic Hospital, told
    the BBC: "I think what this suggestion amounts to is a form of medical
    apartheid: any therapy which can't trace its origins to what is called the
    biochemical model should be excluded from the NHS."
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