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    Homeopathy helps 7/11 victims overcome trauma

    The series of bomb blasts that occurred on 11th July 2006 in
    Mumbai have left citizens in state of high distress. While the
    people who were physically injured during the blasts have been
    undergoing treatment, there is also a vital need to heal the
    psychological scars left behind on the rest of the Mumbaikars.
    Some of the plaintive queries arising out of the people seeking
    counseling and therapy who attended the seminar held at Dr.
    Batra's new clinic at Sakinaka, included, "How can I forget all
    this? How can Homeopathy help me over come my fears?"

    Dogs itching to try homeopathic remedies

    Dogs with a common allergic skin disease, canine atopic
    dermatitis, will be taking part in a clinical trial to evaluate
    the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies as conventional meets
    complementary at Bristol University's School of Veterinary
    Science. Dr Peter Hill, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary
    Dermatology at Bristol's Vet School is embarking on the trial
    that aims to settle some of the arguments about the practice of
    homeopathy. The trial is only possible due to collaboration with
    one of the UK's best-known homeopathic veterinary surgeons, Mr
    John Hoare, and Dr Robert Mathie, Research Development Adviser
    at the British Homeopathic Association and Faculty of

    Homeopathy helped me deal with my miscarriage

    For more than 20 years the whole Sawalha family including
    Nadia's father, actor Nadim, and her sister, actress Julia, have
    consulted homeopath Rachel Packer.

    Had a chat with..

    Had a chat with a homeopath recently, and an engrossing,
    invigorating and truly intriguing chat to boot. We talked for
    hours, Michelle and I, about this historic domain of remedies
    that has struggled for age upon age against societys systematic
    resistance. The struggle continues today. Even in the
    enlightened Western World of the 21st century where free speech
    and openness and accountability are all the rage, the word still
    conjures a bad press. Where once it was homosexuality, so now it
    is homeopathy.

    Richard Ashcroft: Another think coming

    Homeopathy is another matter. There's no research to show
    there's any difference between it and the placebo effect. I once
    had a landlady who was obsessed by homeopathy, and it was one of
    the conditions of my lease that I gave her cat some kind of
    homeopathic pill to treat its ailments. I'm not sure how you
    measure the placebo effect on a cat but, from all I could
    observe, it wasn't the slightest bit grateful. In any case, it
    soon died.