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    A Homeopath's partnership with Graphology

    Dr Suja is associated with a group of Homeopath doctors in
    Mumbai, who share their interest in this graphology as a
    technique. There is no institute as such which conducts any
    course or programme till date on this. We were quite astonished
    ourselves when she gave a sample analysis on my handwriting. I
    found that she had got most the hidden aspects of my persona

    Posing as doctor case goes to jury

    he 12 jurors who listened to testimony in the case of a woman
    accused of practicing medicine without a license at her Fremont
    office now must sort through complicated details and make a
    decision. Was Reena Chopra a homeopathic practitioner whose ego
    forced her to walk the fine line between her craft and that of
    an actual physician, as suggested by her defense attorney, Peter
    Vanoosting? Or did the Hayward woman "hold herself up" as a
    medical doctor while preying on fellow East Indians, leading
    them to believe she was a medical doc-tor, as Deputy District
    Attorney Cheryl Poncini asserted when closing the case Thursday?

    Founder of The Job Foundation Prepares to go Head-to-Head with the IRS

    The Job Foundation exists to provide resources for the
    overcoming of adversity to persons in Waterloo, Iowa. The
    resources offered by the Foundation include two programs: They
    provide monetary rewards and financial education to at-risk
    students who get good grades and behave well in school At-Risk
    Student Program, and they make homeopathic remedies and
    treatment available by paying for visits to a Classical
    Homeopath with a four-year degree.

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    What about medical doctors as half-baked homeopaths ? wrote:

    < Posing as doctor case goes to jury >

    " The person who knows everything about one thing, knows everything. "

    It is an herd instinct to protect or to kill for survival of the herd. For
    Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, if go by the Hippocratic Aphorism,
    firstly, " Physician, do no harm " , the Universe will protect by natural laws. The natural instinct to save lives is laudable.

    " It is that strength of feeling ,great above human estimate "

    - William Wordsworth

    Posing for greed or favours is considered as spiritual corruption which is not easily condoned by the pioneering masters of the holistic art of healing.

    What natural justice do we have for medical doctors practicing half-baked homeopathy, then ?

    With regards