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    Homeopathy Treats the Patient, Not Just the Disease

    >From the flu to chronic pain, homeopathy has been used to treat

    a wide range of illnesses in its adherents for hundreds of
    years. "I don't really understand how it works, and I really
    don't care. I just know it does," Rebecca Burbank* of New
    Orleans says, who has been using homeopathic remedies to
    ameliorate her mood for the past 18 months.

    Uncomplementary homeopathy

    A London homeopathic hospital has lost 20 per cent of its
    finding ovet the last year - and next week, a primary care trust
    will vote on whether to stop financing a hospital in Kent.

    Broadcom Billionaire's Health Institute Taps Defense Dollars

    The House of Representatives' defense-spending bill has money to
    pay troops, buy fighter jets and an aircraft carrier -- and fund
    a nonprofit group researching yoga, "bioenergy'' and alternative

    Campaign Manager - 6 month contract

    A commitment to homeopathy in the NHS and an understanding of
    homoeopathy and other forms of complementary medicine would be
    an advantage.

    Stick to sugar pills and avoid the hard stuff

    Homeopaths would be fine, if they could just shut up about
    serious stuff, like Aids, or malaria, or MMR.

    Diluting the scientific method

    The articles in this special edition of Homeopathy display a
    number of consistent themes: internal inconsistency; a rejection
    of scientific standards and methods; and established science is
    applied to inappropriate situations for example, quantum
    entanglement between people is proposed. In cases where
    mechanisms are suggested, they frequently violate our basic
    understanding of the natural world. Tying things together are
    unsupported assertions and logical leaps that have no place in
    science. The experience of reading the journal was like seeing a
    science publication reflected through Alice's looking glass.