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    Polio Research Resources

    The History of the Polio Vaccine. - How the polio virus was found -
    or not found? Key new research points out that the virus identified
    as poliovirus was not present in many cases of polio - and is still
    not found! The polio vaccine was first launched in 1955. By 1958 it
    was proved not to work - so the disease was renamed in order to make
    the vaccine seem a succes. This forgotten history is documented below.
    The evidence never has been strong nor very convincing that an
    exogenous virus enters the human body to cause poliomyelitis.
    Consequently. year after year, new concepts are presented and old
    ones discarded that are intended to show where the virus originates
    outside the body and to establish its portal of entry into the body.
    Clearly evident are the facts that there is more to indicate that the
    virus of poliomyelitis is of endogenous origin. "Clearly evident...
    the virus of poliomyelitis is of endogenous origin."

    Whether or not one is of the opinion that a poison or virus, or both,
    are responsible for human poliomyelitis, it is obvious that the
    fruit, vegetables, milk, and water used by the poliomyelitis patient
    prior to his or her illness should be carefully considered. If by
    careful inquiry a fruit, vegetable, milk, or water source is found,
    prevention of other cases of this disease can be brought about by
    warning the public. Regarding the unsaid word: Pollution.

    Since a poison or virus will cause damage by disturbing normal
    chemical relationships within the body, particularly enzyme systems,
    it is imperative. therefore, to determine what chemical changes take
    place in human poliomyelitis and how they may be restored to normal.
    It is at this point that much research can be done. A preventive and
    therapeutic agent could doubtless be developed to maintain or restore
    normal chemical relationships within the human body to prevent and
    cure poliomyelitis. It must be seriously considered that if it were
    possible with a vaccine to prevent the synthesis or activation of the
    poliomyelitis virus within the human body, it does not follow that a
    poisonous or toxic activator would be deprived of its ability to
    cause neurotoxic damage to the lower motor neurone with resulting
    paralysis. A preventive agent would be an antidote, not a vaccine.

    1. The exogenous virus theory of cause of human poliomyelitis fails
    to explain all facts without exception and cannot be considered to be
    entirely valid.
    2. It is emphasized in this report that the fundamental cause of
    human poliomyelitis appears to be a poison or toxin and that the
    virus is synthesized or activated within the human body as a result
    of the poisoning.
    3. There appears to be an intimate relationship between virus
    diseases and diseases resulting from toxic causes. This fact,
    illustrated by examples, has been stressed.
    4. It is pointed out that the poisonous activating factor in cases of
    human poliomyelitis can originate from fruits, vegetables, milk, and
    water during epidemics of this disease.
    5. The locality influences, seasonal incidence, simultaneous
    development of multiple cases in homes, institutions and communities,
    as well as the visceral lesions and other facts, all indicate the
    association of a poison or toxin with human poliomyelitis.
    6. Normal chemical relationships within the body are disturbed in
    cases of human poliomyelitis; a preventive and therapeutic agent
    could doubtless be developed to maintain or restore these
    relationships and thus prevent and cure the disease.

    Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath &
    ONLINE/Email classes in Homeopathy; Vaccine Dangers; Childhood
    Diseases Reality

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    Re: Polio Research Resources

    On Mar 19, 2008, at 11:37 AM, Sheri Nakken wrote:


    Sheri - DO you have something from a real source?
    This "sparks of light" opinion looks more like misfires than sparks.

    It's a website with zero credentials, run by someone called Janine
    Roberts, who asks for donations.

    Suggest you do you OWN information research instead of believing her
    obviously flawed opinions!

    Try a site like the National Library of Medicine as a starting place:

    Irene de Villiers, B.Sc AASCA MCSSA D.I.Hom/D.Vet.Hom.
    P.O. Box 4703 Spokane WA 99220. (Veterinary Homeopath.)
    "Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt one doing it."