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The `barometer pain` remedy Rhododendron

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  • The `barometer pain` remedy Rhododendron

    When treating a movement disorder, e.g. in dogs, we should bear this remedy in mind, because the remedy is indicated when the pain occurs or becomes worse before stormy or thundery weather or if there are electrical disturbances in the air.

    The rest of the remedy picture is very similar to Rhus toxicodendron and Ruta graveolens. The Rhododendron patient improves with movement but doesn`t suffer from problems with getting going. In addition, dry heat alleviates the pain and damp cold aggravates the pain.

    Rhododendron types have more pain than stiffness. (Compare with Rhus tox.)

    The Rhododendron type of dog is frightened by thunderstorms and gales. The animal senses the approach of bad weather some time before it arrives, feeling the tension in the air. Approaching thunderstorms or gales can aggravate the pain, for example in its joints.