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My cat has a nipple cyst

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  • My cat has a nipple cyst


    This is my first time posting. My cat was recently diagnosed with a nipple cyst. It bleeds from time to time and and nipple is swollen. My vet said it is common, benign, and there is really nothing to do about it.

    I researched this and have been giving her Phytolacca 6c in a liquid solution 2x day for the last 10 days. Unfortunately this seems to aggravate her thyroid condition. She was diagnosed last year with hyperthyroid and takes medicine for it. Since the Phytolacca the vomiting has come back and she seems to be losing a bit of weight.

    Can anyone recommend something else for a nipple cyst? It is in the left nipple directly under her armpit area.

    Thank you kindly,

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    If it is hard to touch - Calc Fl 6x or 30
    easy bleeding - Acid nit 30 in rare dose
    Asterias rubens, Sil etc are also helpful
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