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  • Dog That's Bad With Kids

    I'm on the fence as far as just finding my dog a new home or dealing with her until my kids are older.....
    She is kind of cranky about her own space, and she growls and snarls if she is touched while she is lying down.
    Earlier today my 7 month old crawled over to her and touched her on the butt and she snarled and jumped away (she only jumped away cause I came flying around the corner when I heard).
    She is very edgy with young children, I'd say under the age of 8, and even then she is very cautious of strangers.
    There are a handful of people she has liked right away; most people she is cautious of and growls at them.

    I'd like to explore homeopathic treatment to help her maybe, before I give up on her and find her a new home without kids.
    Anybody have any ideas?

    A little bit more about her:
    She's a smaller breed mutt- some golden retriever and some pug/beagle/chihuahua type mix.
    She was the smaller of a two- pup litter and the other didn't live. Her mother was hit by a car when she was 6 weeks old.
    Her primary socialization after that point was cats lol.
    Anyways --- any other questions feel free.
    I hope someone has some kind suggestions!!

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    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    A few months ago I gave her a dose of calc carb 30c and since then she has not growled at my son when he comes near her food, which is an improvement. She still grumbles at him whenever he crawls near her, but she does get up and move away, growling all the while.
    So all in all, there is slight improvement, but she is still a butthead. Lol


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      Well I only have 30c so I am going with that.
      The first dose she seemed more friendly and happy and uncaring about the baby. Second dose seemed to make her more grumpy. Today is day three and I haven't given her a dose yet. I'll let you know in another day or two how things are looking.


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        Are you seriously scolding me right now?
        I appreciate your concern, but I am also not entirely uneducated, and I do know how to work the internet.
        You are not the only opinion out there and I have already went against my own preferential method (classic hahnneman -one remedy, one dose, wait and watch) by giving a repeated dose.


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          And now you're deleting your posts....that's mature.


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            I think maybe you should find videos of Cesar Millan - the great dog trainer.
            He has trained many bad behavior dogs successfully and maybe there are some cases just like yours!