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Are you a GraphicDesigner/drawer/photogr... designer?

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  • Are you a GraphicDesigner/drawer/photogr... designer?

    i am a recent graduate from graphic design and the only advice i can give you is to really find out what you WANT to do. as difficult it is to choose between the jobs that you listed, you should know that the market for artists are a LOT wider than you think. in high school it's not that big of a deal if you take the wrong classes. but don't just jump into a college/university course because you feel like you have to have a career right away. take your time to research and make your choices...unless you happen to have a lot of money to waste.

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    I think in a homeopathy forum you won't find many people needing a graphic designer.
    Nowadays Bitcoins is much more popular than webdesign, people mine, specially in the developing world are a lot of
    mining farms. It is not that all people there are poor.
    In China alone they mine more than 50% of all Bitcoins and Altcoins.
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