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Dog can't urinate

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  • Dog can't urinate

    Hi, I hope you can help my little guy with this problem. I adopted Gizmo from the SPCA about 2.5 months ago. He had lived with an older man who did not train him at all, the dog was barely housetrained when we got him. He is supposedly 7 years old - a crossbredd between a dachshound and something else with really muscular legs.

    He had to have one canine tooth removed because it was broken and totally grey. He also had to be neutered. He did not do too well after the neutering, his incision did not seem to want to heal very well. It is okay now and until 2 days ago I did not notice anything abnormal. The morning in questions I was woken up by a dog whining, and when I came downstairs he was sitting in the middle of the living room, very happy to see me and he chased outside when I opened the door. I stood by the door and waited for him to come back but it seemed like he was peeing for an extraordinarily long time. At the time I just marveled how he could hold it in for so long.

    We went on a short trip (we adopted a little girl we had fostered since birth and had to attend court in a differet city) so we left him at home with our son. When we came back today we noticed that the dog did not quite behave like himself and at one time we had to look for him and he was lying under the baby's crib in a room he is never in. He came out when called and when asked if he wanted to go outside he was very excited and ran downstairs.

    Again I watched and this time I saw that he tried very hard to pee but nothing came out. I could see his stomach muscles contract but nothing happened. Then he tried to defecate but the same thing there. During the defecating attempt his penis sarted protruding. I don't know if it is significant, but about 32 weeks ago he had his penis protrude and he hobbled around the patiodeck trying to protect it from touching the ground, then sat and licked it and the same thing again and again, he ran around in circles on 3 legs. He only stopped after my husband called him and he came in. He seemed ok. Now, he has very short legs and his genitals basically are on the ground as it is.

    I don't quite know what to do and since it is Saturday and I won't be able to take him to the Vet until Monday. I am very worried and I would sure appreciate some input as to what this could be and if there is anything I can do to help him myself.

    Thank you

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    Dog can`t urinate

    Hello Henriette,

    I think you`ll have to see a vet or a vet. homeopath a.s.a.p because this is most likely a serious constitutional problem e.g. a severe cystitis(inflammation of the urinary bladder), but more likely a case of urolithiasis(stone or calculi formation). The bladder will have to be emptied regularly by a professional with a catheter. This constitutional problem which has as its end product the formation and subsequent deposit in the renal pelvis and bladder of sabulous(sandy) or gravel material which coalesces into stones or calculi. They are most commonly encountered in the bladder and occur more frequently in male animals. Once large stones have formed the only rational treatment is surgical, but in the early stages when the sabulous material has not coalesced into calculi there are a number of useful homeopathic remedies available which will prevent further deterioration and in some cases dissolve the gravelly or sandy material itself. The homeopath has to choose from about 12 homeopathic remedies depending on the symptoms and modalities. Kind regards.