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  • Puking kitty

    I have no idea why!!!! We've tried it all and I still can't get my cat to stop throwing up. Anyone recommend any homeopathic remedies to help kitty's upset tummy?

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    What is the cat puking up? Is the vomit debilitating, is it undigested food. Does he eat and then puke right away or does it wait a few hours before chucking. What does the vomit consist of? Bile, hair, colour? It there an increase in appetite or thirst? Weight gain or loss? Age of kitty and any other problems? Finally "what are you feeding him?" There are numerous remedies that address the GI tract in different ways.


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      Originally posted by kkrista
      What is the cat puking up? Is the vomit debilitating, is it undigested food. Does he eat and then puke right away or does it wait a few hours before chucking. What does the vomit consist of? Bile, hair, colour? It there an increase in appetite or thirst? Weight gain or loss? Age of kitty and any other problems? Finally "what are you feeding him?" There are numerous remedies that address the GI tract in different ways.
      The vomit is undigested food.

      She eats, then pukes right away, usually after running to the basement, other times before she gets to the stairs.

      The vomit is yellow...the color of her food. No hair, no bile. Just chunks of her food.

      No increase in thirst or hunger. She's only fed twice a day, 1/4 cup at each feeding.

      She's only 5 years old.

      She is a chunker....always has been. She's short and fat.

      She's eating Feline WD 1/4 cup hard food and 3 little scoops of Feline WD soft food. My other cat (Rose) has had problems with crystalization in her bladder which has caused severly painful bladder infections. She'd pee blood on the bathroom throw rug. This was the only food that didn't cause bladder problems with her, so that's what my puking girl (Paige) eats too. The PH levels in Rose's urine were really high. They were both previously on Iams. The WD caused a slight weight gain in both of them, but it was that or Rose suffering and peeing blood all over the place.

      I'm so tired of all these medical 'cures' there has to be a simpler, more natural approach. My kitties are suffering!!!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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        Puking kitty

        Perhaps there is a (slight) inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) which is relatively mild in cats or it`s simply a matter of indigestion. Several agents may be the cause of it. For both cases there is a reliable and safe homeopathic remedy viz. Nux vomica 6C. Give 1 dose three times daily for three days. Good luck! Wim. (homeopath, also qualified for animals)


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          Vomiting in general could be any number of remedies.
          Why not wait until rainsmom reports back some symptoms?! There isn't much to go on so far.
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            Other than the throwing up, there are no other symptoms than the situations I listed above. She seems totally OK when she does it. It baffles me.


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              When did it start?? How long has she been vomiting now?

              I know you said her hunger hasn't increased.
              So, her appetite has remained the same despite vomiting so much?

              Has her thirst decreased?

              Is she behaving the same way she normally does?

              What is her stool like -- is she passing anything at all?

              Based on what you say you're feeding her, I have a hunch Kkrista will recommend that you change her diet to raw food. No milk - but cream is okay.

              How long has she been eating this diet -- did it only start recently?
              "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
              Carroll Dunham


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                This is a common and easily rectified problem if you are willing to perhaps make some modifications to your cat's diets.

                This problem can occur when a cat will eat too quickly (sometimes feeding from a smaller dish, so they take smaller bites and injest less air can help -very often these cats will eat their vomit, its normal and ok), or the diet simply does not agree.

                I'm really not a fan of W/D, its a bulky, high fibre, totally unexciting, unappetising diet that usually causes the cats to clear the room after having a bowel movement. It is often prescribe for diabetics. The fat and protien content is also ridiculasly low, causing the cats to eat more in an effort to maintain their strength, I'm surprised that W/D was suggested rather than c/d -but again, I totally am not a fan of Hills in general (they still use ethoxyquin!).

                Ideally, these cats would be much healthier and happier on a natural raw diet (incedently these diets help cats maintain low pH as its supposed to be) and certainly my male cat with chronic cystitus does really well on it (caution though, this problem may never totally go away until the root problem is discovered and cured which sometimes takes years to discover).

                If you are really set against a raw food diet, at least switch to Wathams pH control which I'm sure will maintain your cats much better than Hills. At least Walthams doesn't try to starve these animals, their food actually offers substantial amounts of protien and better quality fats, and they are not nearly as bland and unappealing as Hill's diets. Keep in mind though, that many of these problems (especially urinary) are due to feeding grains to a carnivor. This is the truely unhealthy and dangerous practice here.


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                  Thank you kkrista! I have a feeling that Paige eating too fast. She has a tendency to eat all her soft food pieces, then she will go on to Rain's food (which is kept on the counter because he's not fat and needs to be kept out of Rose's paws because of the PH issue). She gets caught and before she does, she scarfs it all down. She's definately eating too fast.

                  Neither one of my girls are starving. Paige is 16lbs and Rose who is on the WD strictly is 18lbs. She can't jump on the counter to eat Rain's food (he's on Iams and only 8lbs) because she's too large. She also has myocardiopathy. Not severe and I'm not going to put her on meds for that at this point and am looking into other therapies for her. I know that her weight could enhance her heart condition, so I had hoped the WD might help. Obviously not since she's gained 1/2lb in 6 months.

                  I'm new to the concept of a raw diet. I've heard of it here and there, but never really looked into it. I'm willing to do anything to make my kids happy and if a raw diet is going to be better, I'll definately do it! Do you know where I can find more info on this?


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           can provide general information, there are now many manufactures or you might be able to make the diet yourself. W/D has a tendency to really pack on the pounds, I would suggest that while you do the research on raw, that you make the switch to Walthams. It might be that the fatty cat is actually in starvation mode, affecting her metabolism and keeping her fat and soft. You may also want to look into some remedies for her heart condition. Did she have an ultra sound or how was it diagnosed? Did she have any fluid build up, coughing, loss of appetite?


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                      Thanks for the info! The idea that she could actually be in starvation mode make ME want to throw up!!!

                      She had a bad reaction to a vaccine a few years ago, so I brought her back in to the vet for a shot of anti-histamine. Her rapid heart tones made the heart condition audible, whereas before they couldn't hear it. That's how we initially caught it. After that, she had an ultrasound that confirmed her heart walls thickening. Not severely yet, but I do want to get on that right away! Needless to say, it wasn't until this rude awakening that I discovered my housecats do not need all these vaccines. Ugh! So much information that is not given in the medical community (both human and animals) that I'm learning about. I feel like a big dummy. I don't rely on medications and vaccines for my family's health, but my cats are my kids too and I've overlooked their need for natural living!!!! DUH!

                      She has had no symptoms at all of her heart condition. This is all new to me so any direction you have for me to start looking into natural living for pets would be greatly appreciated!!!


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                        What about the Iams that Rain is on? Any thoughts on that?


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                          The wonderful thing about natural, raw diets is that they are suitable for all. Sometimes you may have to make modifications for the individual (for instance one of my cats doesn't tolerate any beef product, older geriatric cats may have problems with constipation if the bone to meat ratio is too high). You may also have to adjust your thinking on appropriate weights. Cats should not have a round tummy, the 1st thing you will notice if you switch them to raw food, is that the "grain belly" deflates and the animals actually start to get their curves back. Some cats however can become addicted to grains and therefore might be difficult to switch. Whe I first switched, the cat I thought who would protest the most, uncharacteristically stole a raw chicken neck and ran somewhere to devour ot. Another cat that I though would love the change, took about 6 months to take to it (during this time I obviously supplemented with a mixture of canned and dry food). My old diabetic cat (who has since died) no longer required insulin after about 2 months of being on the diet. This clued me into the grain-diabetes relationship and since then I have reverted every diabetic that has come through our shelter using the raw food diet and a combination of homeopathy. There is a lot of information out there. I would warn you however that the vet community really isn't behind this type of feeding at all. I you like I can send you a document that explains feeding a carnivor (and why) through e-mail.


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                            I would really like that if you could send me more information. It really makes sense.

                            I realize that most vets aren't going to embrace the raw diet or homeopathy for that matter. After all, just like human doctors, they are trained in medicine and pharmaceuticals. In my experience of having (non-vaccinated) children, currently pregnant (planning a home birth with a midwife), and opting for natural rememdies and homeopathy for ailments before I reach for the phone to call the doctor, I have had my fair share of dealing with the medical establishement's mentality. I can't imagine veterinary medicine is much different and frankly, I don't care. I just want to do what's best and what's natural for my furkids.

                            Thank you!