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  • Cats broken tooth - urgent


    I just discovered one of my cats has a broken tooth.

    Gadget, about 5 years old fluffy tabby neutered male moggy. His "fang" (can't remember what that tooth is called) on the front at the bottom left side has broken off level with the gum. Physically he seems fine and I spotted the broken tooth as he tried to jump in through a window on the 3rd floor of my house to get to me.

    He was fine when I saw him yesterday evening, so I assume this happened overnight. My cats have a cat flap and come and go as they please.

    I have noticed Gadget in vocal disagreement with another local cat this week (although I never saw them fight), although I guess he also could have fallen from a tree or wall.

    Personality wise Gadget is a "teddy bear" and very sweet natured. He has a very placid personality and is very good with my 3 year old who can be rough with him - the other 2 tend to move a little quicker . He can be aggressive or territorial with other cats. He has a very quiet purr.

    Gadget likes attention and likes to climb, he will jump onto your shoulder or other high place (my old female tabby was the same in this respect - a tabby trait?). He likes to curl up and sleep on my clothes.

    His health is good. He was vaccinated after he came to me He has been fed a raw diet for almost a year now. He likes milk and cheese, but will eat anything put in front of him.

    Gadget was rescued when he came to me, I have had him since he was about 5-6 months old. He had been left to starve, with his brother, in an empty flat. The cats were rescued by a social worker who had wondered where the family's cats were when they moved...

    Gadget had problems digesting food for some time after that and would haemorage from his bowel. Sorted that out with a very bland diet of rice and fish and gradually introducing the canned stuff. This has not been a problem for some time.

    What can I do to help Gadget? Considering giving him Arnica, but I don't know what potency, or even if this is the right thing to give.

    I am planning to take him to the vet, as I think the rest of the tooth will need to be extracted and I am concerned about infection. I expect the vet will want to give antibiotics as part of the treatment.

    He seems okay apart from the tooth.

    Advice please.



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    use arnika.30 it will help, also at extraction, and shinder any infection, he dont need antibi when have got arn.


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      Thanks GM, always prompt.

      Will give it to him as soon as I can. How frequently shall I give it to him?

      Janyce :


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        Unless he is a qualified veterinary surgeon and sees the animal, GM is not in any position to tell you that Gadget definitely does not need antibiotics.....

        Arnica is certainly the appropriate course of action in terms of homeopathy, but do see the vet and follow his/her advice.

        All the best for a speedy recovery !


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          When I got to speak to my vet, she was not particularly concerned about the broken tooth, saying it would only need to be removed if it became infected. (She also assured me that the Arnica would not prevent infection...

          What is your opinion on this GM (the need for an operation or not)?

          I would like to avoid the vet if I can, but if Gadget needs this root to be removed when is the best time to do it?

          Gadget seems to be fine. There does not seem to be any tenderness or infection.



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            My conventional vet has been wrong on a number of counts in the health care of my other cats. I use homeopathy myself and know how effective it is.

            GM has treated one of my other cats for chronic ginvevitis. This was something which was not responding to the endless round of antibiotics, steroids and anti-inflamatories which were being prescribed. Our vet felt the only option was to remove my cats teeth - with no certain garauntee this would cure the problem.

            GM turned this round in a matter of days. My cat has not needed to seethe vet for almost a year now (I though we were going to have to move in with them previously )and is no longer in pain. We manage his condition now through diet, he is on a raw food diet and if he does not get a predominatly raw diet his gums begin to break down again (which GM has again treated succesfully with homeopathic remedies).

            Again, my conventional vet disapproves of this raw diet. I was advised against it, but my cats have never looked better.

            With respect, one does not need to be a qualified doctor or vet to be able to spot an infection or to make changes in diet and lifestyle which imporve health and wellbeing.



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              Use one dose arn c30 before the exstraction, it should not work different in the cat than it did in me to my dentist surpprise..and if that allopahty lover want it, he can get it confirmed from my dentist..hah ha..
              I pity sutch ignorants..its enough to go through the posts on the bb to tell what im doing contra allopaths..evidence its called.
              but that dont interest him or what??.
              Ignore the ignorant, hes more concearned that a vet loses money than that the animal loses its life or health..


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                GM - it is very sad that you feel i am ignorant without even knowing my background - you seem to feel that homeopathy must always be used as an ALTERNATIVE therapy rather than COMPLIMENTARY, and that's fine with me but calling me names just because I disagree with you is slightly pathetic. So much for stimulating professional discussion !


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                  Hey you ignorant allopath.( the name of your profession, you confirm,ignorance by saying this.. "calling you names"..ha ha..silly....)
                  and its you who uses names,calling people, you label me as patetic..
                  Maybe i should use Hahnemanss own word "bastard"???
                  Hahnemanss words about allopahts stand today, alone, and your posting habit, a ignorant out from nowhere, with limited knowledege, judging me and homeopathy, is not entitled to comment on anything, cause, as when you point out that i dont know, you do the mistake of mirroring your imapaired understanding on me, well thats your mirroring of your own faults onto me, and i suggest you go to a teraphist, a pshycologist, and get your head cleared a bit, cause you seem to need it strongly.
                  I excuse sick people, but i cant help the likes of you, only a pshycolog can do that, by explaing to you what you do.

                  But if your agenda, and aim is to get quarraling going,and not are sick but just plain adverse to homeopathy, or is tempting to degrade me in any way, i feel not sorry for you, i will figth you till your finished, do you get it?
                  This is a homeopathic bb, not a drs, and i understand the fears and envy of drs, you must feel very treatened, cause we have exsited 200 spite of your profession..
                  Thank you!
                  PS, the next i expect, is comments of my case..its Hahnemans pathology too, cause he was not less than this, he was far worse in his comments...just get educated before commenting.thanks..
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                    Just so you know, I am an ardent supporter of homeopathy - and am trying to learn all the time from people such as yourself. In cases all over this board you show superb knowledge and profound skill in treating cases. I completely respect that and withdraw my previous hasty retort..

                    There is, however, quite aside from any discussion of homeopathy and allopathy, no need whatsoever to call people ignorant, just because they do not have the same knowledge as you do. That is unprofessional and simply rude.

                    Did you ever have a period of learning ? Was there ever a time when you said something and you were wrong ? Did your colleagues call you stupid ? Ignorant ? Well then...

                    I hope to continue to learn from your expert handling of cases on this board and hope that you have the decency to refrain from biting my head off should I make another mistake


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                      Go back 200 years and tell Hanemann that...
                      And besides, i dont give a cent for your slickness, the only thing your after is creating quarrels.. if you want to learn, stay off the bb, watch in silence, cause you have nothing but negativitism to contribute with, as you answers show, and a apology from you, are like nothing, cause its not a apology, its camouflage in oredr to continue your agenda, that is pure harassment.
                      And it smells like that fish that earlier haunted this bb.
                      Get decency before you try to invade others threads.
                      The owner of this thread dont want you or your behaviour taking up space here, so be off.


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                        oh dear, you are indeed a sorry individual, lacking in professionalism and even basic human decency. I pity you and leave you to your delusions of grandeur. Goodbye.


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