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cat urinates everywhere but litterbox

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  • cat urinates everywhere but litterbox

    Seeking help for the kitty before she has to go to the pound!
    Cat urinates everywhere in home and only on rare occasions in her box.
    I've read through the posts and didn't see a solution so am asking for possibilities for remedy.
    I have changed her litter to the real fine type. Used no chemicals to clean the box. She will go on clothes that are laundered and unlaundered that the kids leave on floor. She destroyed new carpteting, I understand because of the Formaldehyde smell. I'm afraid to use blacklight as there probably isn't much carpeting left that hasn't been peed on!
    She in her temperament is standoff-ish, not friendly, afraid to be outside (have made her go outside but she rushes back in every chance she gets). There is an outside cat that adopted us and she spends a lot of time keeping track of that cat. She peed inside even before that cat came.
    She is not neutered or declawed.
    Awaiting insight with anticipation!

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    Our cat was doing that a couple years ago, so I know what you are going through.
    We took her to the Vet, and he said (if I remember right) that she had a bladder infection. This might not apply to your situation, but thought I would let you know it might be worth checking into.
    Good luck!


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      There are several old posts concerning the issue of litter box problems that you may find using the archives or search.

      There are many ways to resolve the problem but a good bit of reading might be necessary to find the right approach. You may want to refer to Anitra Frazier's "The New Natural Cat" for some ideas.

      Since you have taken the time and made the effort to post here, I assume the threat is idle that she is in danger of going to the shelter for her indiscretions! When people say such things to me, I always look their children in the eye and warn them they best be careful not to make mistakes because Mom my send them away, too!

      Sometimes on Earth, you can find something that resembles a little piece of Heaven. And sometimes on Earth, a little piece of Heaven can find you.


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        use one dose arnika 200, once, this is marking behaviour, she has been beat up, by a other cat, and is scared.and she may have inflamtions, arnika will take care of that. give it.


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          Poor kitty, she must be so frightened and hurting. Please be extra gentle and kind with her.
          I know it can be frustrating to deal with but try to think about how she must feel and know that she is helpless to do anything for her condition on her own, she needs you to help her.
          Please do as GM said and get her the treatment and relief she needs.

          Warm Smiles for your kitty,
          just a Cat trapped in a human body-purrs loudly and often but sharpens claws daily....


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            For what it's worth, this behavior is typical for a cat in puberty/heat. Basically all they want to do is have sex. If you don't want your cat to contribute to America's huge cat overpopulation problem, you'll have to take away her strong urge to mate. I don't know if there is a homeopathic way to spay a kittycat. Otherwise, she will continue to be difficult to live with until she is bred. The only cats I've ever had problems with were not neutered.

            C., mother of 5
            C., mother of 5


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              calice is right about the neutering. I missed that and would have taken the opportunity to make my standard comment about ONE un-neutered female and her un-neutered litter can be responsible for over 7200 unwanted kittens in a 5 year span. Gives the euthanasia folks at the shelters a lot to do.
              Sometimes on Earth, you can find something that resembles a little piece of Heaven. And sometimes on Earth, a little piece of Heaven can find you.


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                female neutering is ok, since it dont take off any hormonal gland.


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                  Cat given arnica when it was suggested. Still going wherever, latest choice of spots has me seeing red!!! I was getting into my bed after a full day of Superwoman only to find that my fav feather pillow had a dried urine stain on it. I had smelled the urine but couldn't find it. It was a large spot and as I removed the pillowcase it shimmered with white crystals. Crystals give any indication of what may be a remedy choice?

                  Thanks in advance for your replies,


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                    Nursed a dog through something similar 5 years ago with great success. My vet is regular trained and then retrained with Dr. Pitcairn. Best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned. Crystals slice insides of bladdder creating terrible pain and thus constant urge to eliminate. We used vet specialty diet to eliminate (melt) crystals out, dog wore a diaper towards the end as food makes urine terribly dilute. This was for a l20 lb. Akita. Then Thuja. Animal needs to be on a raw diet, preferably no grain component for the time being. Be sure to include Anitra Frazier's "Vita-mineral" mix. Use only muscle meat as it is acidic and organ meat is alkaline, preferably ground chicken or turkey. My cat won't touch beef. Use bone meal and l/8th of a tsp of ascorbic acid. l/4 tsp feline enzyme poweder. Do not feed between meals. Arnika 200 as GM says works great. Aim is to acidify urine as commercial animal feeds are alkaline due to grain component. Cats are carnivores - they don't eat grains naturally. Once a week add l 400 unit vitamin E to help heal scar tissue and contents of a capsule containing l0,000 units vitamina A and 400 units vitamin D to help assimilate the calcium. Use Rescue Remedy every 2 - 4 hours till stones gone. If stones don't show on ultra sound then it's mineral based and cats water must be steam distilled. Eliminate all fish, tuna, dry and semimoist food. give l/2 organic egg yolk in each meal as they are high in Methionine, the acidifying protein. Have done all this with dog and had only 2 recurrences of bladder infection and they were Christmas stress related. My wonderful vet met me at 9:00 on Christmas morning! Now I know what to do. Cat may leak periodically due to scar tissue. But hopefully the peeing will stop. Please neuter when healthy. Vita-Mineral Mix
                    l.5 cups yeast powder (any)
                    l/4 cup kep powder
                    l cup lecithin granules
                    2 cups wheat bran
                    2 cups bone meal
                    Mix and keep all in fridge, always.
                    Add l tsp per meal. Hope this helps a bit.


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                      This is a disease created by tinned catfood, in fact cannibalism, the cat may have suffered irrepearable braindamages.
                      Im not certain that it can be cured. but you migth try pulsatilla 200 one dose.


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                        Often, if a cat has ever had a bladder problem, and experienced pain when using the litter box, they will not use it again. My guess is that she keeps going in different places each time. She's trying to find someplace to go that doesn't hurt. If Arnica or Puls don't resolve it, there are many remedies that have crytals in the urine, so don't give up. Once the pain is gone, you can start to retrain her to use the kitty box - probably need a new box and new location, so nothing reminds her of any previous painful experience. Until the pain is gone, you may need to confine her. And when this is over, do please get her neutered so she doesn't create lots of unwanted kitties. And please do NOT declaw.

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