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Skin problem with Weimaraner

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  • Skin problem with Weimaraner

    Greetings. I have a female Weimaraner with a skin problem. I have not used homeopathy with animals before but have with myself and family.

    We adopted Maggie (spayed female) a year or so ago, and think she is approximately 4 years old. Back in Mid to Late December she developed a rash in the folds of the skin of both rear legs. Spotty uneven bumps or lesions raised slightly, dry and chapped, maybe flaky and scaly? She started licking which turned it angry pink. It is hard to describe -- I can take a little jpeg snap and send it privately if it would help.

    We also noticed at the time an odour about her body and bad breath, returning within a day or so of being washed. (This odour could be related to her skin, but she could also be rolling in something in the field, and eating feces.) The rash does not reach the middle of her tummy or her private parts.

    By the time we got to the vet Jan 7, her belly was only slightly pink, a definite improvement with no treatment. The vet assumed a bacterial infection because it was winter and the odour, prescribed a week of Amoxicillin and antihistamine (Hydroxyzine?). We saw continuing improvement for a week, but missed one dose of both medicines on the 5th day, and her condition has gone back downhill now for 5 days.

    Other characteristics:
    -cool dry nose currently;
    -likes ice and unusual foods (veggies);
    -sweet temperament;
    -barks at strangers and postal trucks;
    -not usually aggressive with other dogs but snapped at a puppy visiting;
    -crazy about birds (we think she was taught to hunt as a pup, she doesn't behave in the field like other Weimaraners) and will run away after them;
    -violently hates to have her toenails clipped, but chews at them herself;
    -will get into the trash or eat food on counters if left alone in house, and try to sleep on sofas;
    -seems to emotionally need scraps to feel at home;
    -severly underweight when we adopted her, and partially anorexic until our entire family returns home, which is how she got underweight to begin with, no one was around and she won't eat much until someone is with her. Her weight is normal now;
    -has always scratched as though for fleas, but we don't have fleas, and I'd say until now her skin was healthy, though her coat could use a little nutritional supplement.

    That's all I can think of; we haven't noticed any other changes in behaviour with this problem.

    I thought of sulfur for skin, but haven't got any on hand. So (don't cringe) I just started trying a combination remedy "BACTICIN" I had, 3 doses at 30 minute intervals this morning. There may be an improvement... hard to say.

    The highest dose I have access to around here is usually 30c, unless I or a friend has something on the shelf.

    Thank you all in advance for your help and time.
    Sincerely, Susan M
    Huntsville, Alabama USA

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    Not homeopathic, but a suggestion.... our Labrador developed a skin condition that sounds similar & the vet (surprisingly!) prescribed Omegea 3 Oil/flaxseed oil for him to take twice daily. It seems to work & he loves it


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      HI SUsan,

      COuld you tell me if the skin lesaions are more sensitive to cold or to warm - applications and weather?

      Also in general is she sensitive to cold or warm weather?

      Could you describe a little more this phenomenon of being left alone and what is her reaction? What do you think she feels?

      Warm regards,

      PS; Would be good to see a photograph!


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        A huge apology to the entire board and the kind users who replied to my original question... I ran into computer problems and could not repost at the time. Here we are two months or so later! Please forgive me.
        I couldn't reply myself at the time, but I was able however to read the replies.
        We put Maggie on a natural bones and raw food diet, as well as supplementing with some essential fatty acids, and within 2 and a half days of cutting out the commercial dog foods, 60% of the red belly symptoms had disappeared. Those and other symptoms came and went for awhile (either from recontamination with food allergies or from detoxing or both), but I'd say she's doing extremely well. She loves the way we're feeding her now, is very happy. I think we've still got some ways to go with detox, and had seen Lachesis (?) for this purpose... and some combination remedies. But I'd prefer to treat her constitutionally. Any experiences with detox would be appreciated. Thank you, Susan M


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          Dear Susan M
          speaking both as a student of homoeopathy and as a veterinarian,I would advise you to be very wary in any interpretation of your dog's behaviour re "what you think she feels" since you will no doubt realise that we can only ever guess at what is going on in an animal's mind, once we leave the realm of what is certain and observable we enter the areas of conjecture and speculation.

          I hope your dog maintains the improvement you describe.

          best wishes



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            Not sure what the above post means, but I'm happy the dog is doing so well. I was just at a BARF lecture yesterday night, the kibble truely is "death in a bag". Great improvement for just 2 months, (sometimes these conditions can drag out for months). Excellent how you can actually observe pleasure and satifaction from a dog chewing on a bone or eating real food. There is definitly something to be said regarding the mental stimulation it provides. Continued sucess to you...


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              What I meant was - if Susan decides to re-repertorise her pet's symptoms she should avoid t attempts to interpret what her pet is thought to be feeling, since interpretation or conjecture are subjective.
              Hope this clears things & apologies if the post was not clear enough.


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                If I may ask a very basic question, is there a separate materia medica for pets? How do I go about drawing coorelations between human symptoms and canine symptoms? If Maggie the weim has red feet, for instance, would that coorelate to red feet in humans? I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction to study. As I said, I have only experience with myself and my family, none with treating pets homeopathically.
                Thank you in advance for your help.


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                  Hi Susan,
                  Animals can't talk and that is the frustrating part. Some Homeopathic vets have put out books containing materia medica, and sometimes you can find old ones, but I'm not sure if they would be the "end all be all" in choosing a remedy. The ones I have come across are useful as reference, but they tend to be very condensed and sometimes hit and miss. "detox" can be a slow process, if you feed an inappropriate diet for years, you can not expect a change in diet to procure instantaneous health, it takes the body time to heal, to replenish. If the dog is doing well, why not wait; if she is having new symptoms, you might want to post these and get advise for the homeopaths before giving remedy.


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                    Dear Susan,
                    thinking in terms of upper limb & lower limb gives you what you will need,
                    eg 'front feet' to 'hands' in a mat. medica, front toes to fingers, likewise dog's back foot to human foot.
                    One area that could give rise to bigger differences is the skull as parts/areas of our skulls don't always correspond as closely to theirs, so refernce to a textbook is advisable to get the locality accurate should symptoms on the head ever appear.

                    Best of luck