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How do you treat an injury to a cat's eye

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  • How do you treat an injury to a cat's eye

    My son't male cat came home after wandering off for a few days and his eye is injured, probably due to a cat fight. It is not oozing but he seems unable to open it fully. Can anyone please tell me how to treat it? I tried to use a chamomile tea bag but he wouldn't let me near his eye for long. Any suggesstions will be very much appreciated.

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    Eye injury

    The best general remedy for this could be Symphytum .

    However Wm Pardaam may have better advice.


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      I asked Mary in PM to give more info (symptoms etc.) to prescribe on, either here or on my own forum, but I`m still waiting.....



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        Please try to keep a close eye on your cat since he's injured. Our cat recently died because an injury got infested with maggots while we were away on holiday. Once we returned, we saw he was wounded, and then we noticed the maggots in the wound (which are not easily detectable at first). We tried for 5 days, in vain, to save his life.

        Usually cats have an amazing ability to recover from fight wounds -- but if it's warm where you are - and there are lots of flies -- just be careful about his exposure to them. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what we went through recently; it devasted our whole family, losing Dempster.
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          He doesn't seem to be injured anywhere else and his eye, other than him not opening it doesn't look injured. The side of his face where his (sort of his cheek) injured eye is looks like it might be a little swollen but I see no open wounds although I just found out from my son that his eye was injured several weeks ago. My son lives at his own house and I just went for a visit and saw that the cat's eye wasn't open and then my son said that his cat had been gone for several days and came home only to eat then left again with the injured eye before he could seek help for him. From what my son says the eye is looking better than it did the first time the cat came back home but he still isn't opening it. They live way out in the country and the cat seems to wander a good bit. Any suggesstions are very much appreciated.

          Mary Watson


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            How do you treat....etc.

            Hello Mary,

            I think it would be wise to see a vet. or a or a vet.hom. for your cat a.s.a.p. !



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              Hi Mary
              Poor puss!!
              I've had success with Aconite on eye injuries- the arnica of the eye!

              Good luck


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                I agree with Wim! I think a visit to the vet would really be good; if only to make sure the eye is healing okay. Otherwise there may be a risk of him losing the eye.

                I hope he makes a full recovery .
                "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                Carroll Dunham