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Squirrel with aspiration pneumonia

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  • Squirrel with aspiration pneumonia

    I am brand new to homeopathy, so if you respond, please take that into consideration when you use abbreviations, etc. I will appreciate any advice I get, but I want to be able to understand it in layman's terms.

    I rehab wildlife, and I have two baby squirrels about 10 days old. One has aspirated formula, which can cause pneumonia. She is much more lethargic than the other baby now, and I am concerned that she is developing pneumonia. What would be the recommended course of action, including dosage and where to purchase?

    If anyone has ideas, I would truly appreciate them.

    Many thanks!

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    I already sent PM on 5 Aug. to Dstepp offering to help this poor critter (runt of the litter), but no reply yet. I really don`t understand this ????



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      This was the PM, William - I did not see a need for response - you were just sending me to a website. I apologize if I offended you. And, she is not the runt of the litter - she just aspirated formula.

      Thank you, however, for at least responding.

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        Hello dstepp, No problem ! I`m not offended.

        I sometimes refer to our website, because I`m not always present on this website and treatment of animals sometimes need (many) rapid follow up posts, additional advice, updates, changes of treatment achieve a proper cure and if you had checked my website you could have seen that a very great number of animals are/have been helped in a very fast time. Usually within hours or even less than an hour, because I regularly check for urgent cases. Runt of the litter was only a figure of speech.I sometimes treat 10-20 animals a day also from shelters etc.apart from my other duties, because of my double qualifications. It seems obvious to me that if you don`t get a response on any particular forum, because of a lack of vet. homs with or without particular specialisations that you try the next one ! Please bear in mind qualified hom./vet. homs are difficult to find on forums working for free, because they all have very busy practices ! My PM was very clear, because several people sent me PM`s to express their appreciation for the help that was clearly offered to you ! If you had read some of my posts on my forum you would have understood what they mean.

        Kind regards, Wim P.


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          Prescription for baby squirrel :

          Baryta carbonica 30c, one dose twice a day for 7 days.

          Antiminium tartaricum 30c, one dose twice a day for 7 days, or a bit longer if necessary.

          One dose is 1 tablet or 1 pellet nr. 35 (also called pillules) to be given dry in mouth without touching by hands.

          If the squirrel is still too tiny you may crush tablets/pellets between 2 spoons and put the powder into its feed/milk etc.

          If necessary ask additional advice.

          You asked where to buy remedies, but you didn`t mention where you live !?

          Remedies can be ordered online from Helios UK or Ainsworth UK or several online addresses in the USA (check on internet).But this would take too much time??

          Best would be to try a pharmacy or any other shop that sells hom. remedies.

          Can`t help you any further, because I live in the Netherlands.If you can`t find me here, I`m on the other website !

          Wim P.