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Operations. How can we help our pet ?

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  • Operations. How can we help our pet ?

    Homeopathy can be very helpful when your companion has to be operated upon !

    If your companion suffers or will most likely suffer from shock, bruising and/or haemorrhage give Arnica 30c (or 6c) 2 days before and 5-6 days after an operation. Dose 4 times daily until distinct amelioration (improvement).

    If pain needs to be controlled give Hypericum 30c (or 6c), 4 times daily until clear improvement.

    Please bear in mind that these 2 remedies (Arnica + Hypericum) will very much reduce the nasty sides effects/pain caused by the operation.

    In case your pet is very nervous before the operation give Argentum nitricum 30c (or 30k), 3 times daily for 1-2 days before the operation.

    Sometimes it`s necessary to control bleeding in ears or other areas or after a dental procedure etc. and sometimes we know this from previous experiences. This can be done by giving Phosphorus 6c or 6k, twice daily on the day before an operation and for 2-3 days after an operation if necessary. This remedy can be given along with Arnica.

    Unfortunately we sometimes see that our pet is suffering from physical weakness and/or dullness after an operation with possible loss of body fluids, bleeding and/or vomiting. If so, give China officinalis 6c or 6k, 4 times daily for 5-6 days until distinct improvement. (China off. is the same as Cinchona off.).

    This remedy (China) should be kept in mind when weakness ensues from loss of body fluids and when an animal is suffering from debility or exhaustion after fluid loss, e.g. severe diarrhoea or haemorrhage. It is not very often indicated in the earlier stages of acute disorders.

    Wim P./ William
    Homeopath for people and animals.
    (Sorry, Wim no longer works here.)

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