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Causticum for animals

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  • Causticum for animals

    Causticum (Potassium Hydrate) for veterinary use.

    Is prepared by the distillation of a mixture of equal parts of slaked lime and potassium bisulphate. Slaked lime and sulfate of potash are combined and dissolved in purified water. This dilution is then further diluted and succussed (potentised).

    The main affinity is with the neuro-muscular system producing weakness and paresis of both type of muscle. Symptoms are aggravated by going from a cold atmosphere to a warm one.

    Head : There`s a tendency to facial paralysis. Warts also develop in the older animal.

    Eyes : Inflammation of eyelids may proceed to the establishment of corneal ulcers. Degenerative lesions, e.g. cataract, develop.

    Ears : Both otitis media and externa are seen.

    Respiratory system : Nasal ulceration leads to discharge of muco-purulent material. A dry cough occurs.

    Alimentary system : Paralysis of the mouth is evidenced by inability to move the tongue properly. Bleeding from gums may occur. Abdominal bloating develops after feeding.

    Urinary system : Retention of urine sets in dependent on a weak bladder musculature. This may lead to cystitis.

    Extremities : Paresis of single parts gives rise to various complications such as contracted tendons and stiffness of joints. There may be enlarged joints which creak as the animal moves and which may be accompanied by progressive unsteadiness. General stiffness particularly noticeable on first movement.

    Skin : Cutaneous warts develop which bleed easily. Pruritus (Itch) accompanies a pimply eruption and ulcers may arise producing a thin pus.

    Uses : This remedy is frequently indicated in the older animal showing early paresis, e.g. facial paralysis, and rheumatic-like stiffness. Flat warts on the face of old dogs call for this remedy, and these may develop elsewhere too. It is a useful remedy in bronchitic conditions showing a harsh, dry cough. It is said to have an antidotal effect in mild lead poisoning. Generalised stiffness with or without contracted tendons may benefit. It is one of the main remedies to be considered in chronic cystitis.

    Homeopath for people and animals.
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