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  • Success!

    A coworker’s cat hurt herself somehow the middle of last week, perhaps in a fight with a neighborhood feline. Nothing broken, but her paw was very swollen, infected, she wouldn’t put any weight on it, and she didn’t want to eat. This bad-tempered cat is almost feral and allows only my friend to approach her, and only on a good day.

    The vet sent the kitty home on Friday with antibiotics, and I sent my friend home on Friday with arnica and hepar. (My friend had previous experience with homeopathy so she welcomed the assist.) She and her husband had to wrestle the cat to give it the foul-tasting liquid antibiotics, but kitty willingly took the remedies in a little tunafish juice. Two doses of arnica and one of hepar and then she stopped because kitty was so much better (that was my instruction to her, kitty is presumably still on antibiotics). The swelling is way down, kitty can now walk on her paw, is letting my friend pat her and pick her up, and is eating much better.

    This morning the vet was “VERY surprised” at the degree of improvement after only three days. Of course, my friend was too shy to tell the vet what else they had done over the weekend, but she couldn’t wait to tell me this morning! LOL Actually it is a better report than I was expecting, on both the physical and mental front.

    Thanks, Wim. I owe so much of what I know to you!

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    Hello Dillweed,

    It`s always great to hear that again an animal is cured by homeopathy !

    Please keep up the good work !

    Homeopath for people and animals.
    (Sorry, Wim no longer works here.)


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      Bumped up for cat lovers......
      Wim. (Ret.)qualified homeopath for people and animals


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        Its good to know that animals are also getting cured by Homeopathy.
        I will definitely try it out for my pets, if I face the problem in future.
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          Wow Amazing. Never knew Homeopathy works. Good to know.
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