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Which is more scientific: Allopathy or Homeopathy?

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  • Qed

    Quality Evidence Demonstrated (QED) for Homeopathy

    Ask for Evidence of homeopathy. Because Evidence matters.

    It is vital in good decision-making and optimisation of resources‎


    • Guest Blog Series on Health and Homeopathy

      Every month we will have an honour to introduce/feature one or more homeopaths who have a great deal of expertise in homeopathy and people have admired reading their posts. They will share their expertise in the form of guest blog post which would be published at 5 p.m. (Indian Standard Time).

      Guest Authors Guidelines for submission of articles

      1. The original manuscripts as well as reprints are accepted in any field of homeopathy.
      2. The article should be accompanied by short CV and a photograph (photo dersirable but not mandatory)
      3. The copyright is reserved with the guest author.Please allow your article to remain in place here for 7 days before reposting it elsewhere.
      4. Reference your article as much as possible.
      5. The manuscript can be submitted via e-mail in doc/docx format.
      6. Follow discussion and answer comments.

      For more details see Guest Blog Series – Science-based Homeopathy


      • Download 32 books on Homeopathy

        Download 32 books on Homeopathy by 8 stalwarts

        DR. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN, M.D. (5)
        DR. JAMES TYLER KENT, M.D. (8)
        DR. ADOLPH LIPPE, M.D. (3)
        DR. HENRY CLAY ALLEN, M.D. (5)
        DR. WILLIAM BOERICKE, M.D. (4)

        For more details see Download books on Homeopathy – Science-based Homeopathy


        • As per scientific point of view both Homeopathy and Allopathy are logical and well explained. Allopathy treatment follows the law of curing disease by offensive the cause by introducing some medicines while Homeopathy follows a path of defensive cure in which The Vital force of a living organism is activated to that amount so that it can take care of the disease of its own. Although Allopathy has gained lots of respect now a day but Homeopathic medicines must be painstaking as future medicines.


          • Homeopathy is more scientific

            personally i think homeopathy is more scientific. when looking at an illness the mind and/or body produces all aspects of the symptoms are taken into account rather than looking at the symptoms
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            • Thank You Bradray for your comparison for conmed and homeopathic medicine.

              Thank You lily for your comments. Keep posting.


              • Afrenal Fatigue and its Homeopathic Restore

                Stress (or distress) comes stealthily in our life and creates great havoc in our body and mind. For some, stress means combating everyday traffic to get to work, for others it signifies getting the kids ready in time for school. The worst part is that we accept stress so easily and nurture it so carefully that it takes days, weeks and many times, years to realize that this seemingly “temporary” condition has been responsible for the biggest health issues in our lives.

                For complete article go to Adrenal Fatigue and its Homeopathic Restore – Science-based Homeopathy


                • Homeopathy Worked For Me

                  HEalthcare Social Media Chat Transcript: Homeopathy Worked For Me

                  7 UK Celebrities come together to launch ‘Homeopathy Works For Me’ Campaign

                  Topic of Discussion: Why Homeopathy Works For You?

                  Details: Homeopathy Worked For Me: Chat #HWFM – Science-based Homeopathy


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                    • How to get rid of a headache?

                      Bryonia: good for headaches brought about by movement.
                      Ignitia: good for headaches brought on by acute emotional distress.

                      Journal of Hellenic Headache Association
                      Homeopathic Treatment in patients with migraine (2006) Observational prospective study

                      Read the full text of the article at How to get rid of a Headache? – Science-based Homeopathy


                      • Applied Research in Specific Medical Conditions

                        Evidence-based Homeopathy for 27 disease conditions

                        Statistically significant human studies in peer-reviewed medical journals upto the end of year 2010 are included. The compendium is prepared by mining 7 online databases.

                        Rhinitis/Hay Fever
                        Otitis Media (inflammation of middle ear)
                        Common Cold
                        A2. INFLUENZA
                        B. FIBROMYALGIA (Pain and Inflammation in muscles)
                        C. INSOMNIA
                        D1. OSTEO-ARTHRITIS
                        D2. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
                        E. VERTIGO
                        F. DIARRHEA
                        G. ARSENIC TOXICITY
                        H. BACK PAIN
                        I. DEPRESSION
                        K. CANCER
                        L. FEVER
                        M. ULCER
                        N. HEADACHE
                        O. MIGRAINE
                        P. SURGICAL CONDITIONS
                        Q. ECZEMA
                        R. VIRAL INFECTIONS
                        S. DIABETIC NEUROPATHY
                        T. HIV

                        For more details go to Applied Research in Specific Medical Conditions – Science-based Homeopathy


                        • Homeopathy in the News

                          Now you can get all the news and information on Homeopathy Healthcare from 5 social media networks: Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, WordPress and Pinterest at this webpage. There are few tabs to access them such as Home, WordPress, @DrNancyMalik, Favourite tweets, etc. You can view YouTube Videos and Pinterest images by clicking on ‘More’ (below).

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                          Homeopathy in the News – Science-based Homeopathy


                          • A repository of downloadable resources on homeopathy

                            A repository of downloadable resources on homeopathy containing

                            Download the resources at A Repository of Downloadable Resources on Homeopathy – Science-based Homeopathy


                            • Friends of Science in Homeopathy

                              Friends of Science in Homeopathy (FSH), an online association originally formed on 13th May 2011 as a research database in Homeopathy, consists of professionals from various science streams including health and medicine. In the last few decades there has been an increase in use of integrative (collaborative research and cooperative work) medicine like Homeopathy. According to World health Organisation, highly acclaimed service of Homeopathy is the fastest-growing and second-most widely-used system of medicine in the world.

                              Check for mission/objectives of Friends of Science in Homeopathy at Friends of Science in Homeopathy – Science-based Homeopathy


                              • A decade of research into Homeopathy: 1981-1990

                                This is Part-1 of three-part series showcasing the Research in Homeopathy during the decade spanning from 1981 to 1990. The next two parts will showcase the research for the next two decades. In all the three parts, the research findings are shown in tabular form.

                                The table contains data such as trial type, patient population, intervention, comparator, condition, outcome, p-value/odds ratio, results, trial quality (Jaded score), peer-reviewed Journal name and the URL link.

                                Details at A Decade of Research into Homeopathy: 1981-1990 – Science-based Homeopathy