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Which is more scientific: Allopathy or Homeopathy?

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    The ‘Science-based Homeopathy’ (SbH) blog applied for prestigious HONcode certification from Accreditation certification body ‘Health on Net Foundation‘ (HNF), a swiss-based non-governmental organisation accredited by World Health Organisation, in March 2013.

    The HONcode team asked for various additional information for checking out the compliance of SbH blog according to 8 principles of HONcode which was readily provided and displayed on the blog to the satisfaction of HONcode Team.

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    • Arnica Montana - All you need to know

      Arnica Montana, commonly known as Leopard’s bane, is a European flowering (bright yellow flowers similar to daisy, bright green leaves) plant. Today, Arnica is the darling homeopathic medicine used throughout the world. It is used by homeopaths, herbalists, surgeons, physicians and physiotherapists. Arnica is so much popular in Europe that there is a Hotel ‘Madonna di Campiglio’ in its name in the mountain ranges ‘Dolomites’ in North-East Italy

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        • Nancy,

          I see your discussion thread finally died after being alive for 18 million years. Is there any mention in all of this that the stupid double-blind drug trials of the dangerous super-morons called allopaths are inherently and insolubly flawed because (1) the stupid disease-diagnostic categories of allopathic medicine are inaccurate and incomplete descriptions of actual cases of disease and that (2) chemical drugs can be transformed into actual remedies?

          Allopathic medicine falls flat on its face as a stupid and literally insane delusion of reality with just those two simple facts. It therefore belongs in this discussion, but I don't recall what I said here and couldn't find my postings in this thread. Where are they at, or were they at an earlier and similar discussion thread you ran?

          God bless!
          Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
 and and and


          • Both are scientific.

            Most homeopathic drug proving has not been done scientifically. Hence the problem arises.

            Specific drugs are a fact that homeopathy is scientific.
            I have used the same set of medicines to cure same disease repeatedly. This provides the scientific basis.

            Shiv Bhatia


            • According to me and I have also voted for the same, Homeopathy is more scientific than alopathy.. In homeopathy,just like in Ayurveda, the roots of a disease has been found out and then cure or treatment plan in made out.. But, In alopathy, there are a few medicines listed for all the problems.. Let me give you an example..if someone is suffering from sever pain, alopathic doctors will give him/her pain killers.. On the other hand, In homeopathy, the root of the pain in the body has been figure out, they the body is set for the treatment plan....

              Though the treatment is time consuming, but it is really very effective in homeopathy..On the other hand in alopathy, the treatment is quick but soon after the problem resumes. I would like to share with you a brief example of Asthma treated in Alopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda..
              Asthma is a life threatening diseases, so let’s see how to treat it with 5 different ways. Decide which way you want to opt. Stay tuned for more help!


              • World Health Day on 7th April World Health Organisation’ celebrates 7th April every year as ‘World Health Day’ to raise awareness on health, disease and cure. Let us review each of them.

                Health is not just merely an absence of disease but a dynamic entity where a state of equilibrium keeps the constitution of an individual whole in harmony [1] [click to tweet].

                Constitution means a person’s state of health, including their temperament and any inherited and acquired characteristics.

                Genetic code genome is responsible for what’s going to constitute the make-up of a resulting individual.

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                • Dear Doctor/Scientists/Patients
                  It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce inaugural (first) issue of quarterly ‘Science-based Homeopathy’ NewsLetter. There is no better time than the month of April to start with as ‘World Homeopathy Day‘ and ‘World Homeopathy Awareness Week‘ is celebrated on account of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday.
                  Need for Introducing Newsletter:
                  As the number of subscribers to Science-based Homeopathy blog has crossed 3750, further email notification of new posts on homeopathy will be delivered to your inbox via MailChimp’s Science-based Homeopathy Newsletter.

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                    It could be a little surprise for the readers, for a homeopath to talk about antibiotic resistance.
                    But the fact of the matter is if homeopathic medicines are employed to treat in primary healthcare, the use of antibiotics would reduce significantly and there would be little chance for them to lose their efficacy and can be saved for a bigger battle! [click to tweet]

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                    • Most downloaded science-based homeopathy articles ever

                      Top 40 Articles on Homeopathy.

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                      • The effectiveness and the spread of Homeopathy around the world due to its successful use in previous epidemics and pandemics are demonstrated by many many lives saved by it.
                        It can be used alongside anti-viral drugs, whilst on a ventilator, with old, young, infant and pregnant alike.

                        Genus epidemicus means that the treatment protocol of an epidemic disease is designed based on the collected signs and symptoms of a large group of patients in the same geographical area [click to tweet].

                        Lives saved by Homeopathy in Epidemics and Pandemics



                        • Let's say that our physical reality is just 0,001% of a bigger immaterial reality we cannot perceive yet, then all materialistic sciences ignores deliberately almost everything, right? Right!
                          Then at least homeopathy considers something which is immaterial and therefore I can say that homeopathy is more scientifically. Well, one could argue that all our technology today derived from a "materialistic" science. That is only partly true, because we are not really aware of how much of "our sciences" makes part of a non-materialistic science, as for example mathematics. Indeed math is not a science which requires atoms or particles, it is a pure science of logic and abstract concepts, or you could regard it as a universal language.

                          To ignore a phenomena, even if it is a very strange one, means that it is dogmatic. A dogmatic science is not science, it is a kind of cult or religion. From my paradigm research I concluded that the materialistic science is only alive, because this entire system we live in is materialistic in its nature. If more and more people would completely switch over to a immaterial paradigm, considering for example consciousness as the base of physical reality, believe me, even the global economic system would collapse. Behind a paradigm or a world view (German "Weltanschauung") is more than just a scientific point of view, it stands for what we are ready to take responsibility for.