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Arnt-Schulz Law and Homoeopathy

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  • Arnt-Schulz Law and Homoeopathy

    Paracelsus, a 16th-century Swiss-German pharmacologist who declared: “All things are poison and nothing is without poison. It is the dose that makes a thing a poison.”

    That insightful statement were later formulated into a law by Arnt and Schulz. What this law states is that if it is toxic at high doses, medium dose will suppress toxicity and at low doses stimulate the reverse effect.

    As an example in an experiment on herbicide. At a high dosage it will kill plants, at medium dosage it will have no effect and at low dosage it will stimulate plant growth.

    This law(sometime called the bi-phasic action of substances) affirms and lay the foundation of homoeopathic remedies. As such an attempt at disinformation could be seen if one were to try to search for this law. One such DISINFORMATION can be found here :

    Arndt-Schulz rule (
    Arndt-Schulz rule

    Also known as:
    Schulz' law

    Associated persons:
    Rudolf Arndt
    Hugo Paul Friedrich Schulz

    A law concerning the effects of pharmaca or poisons) in low, respectively strong concentrations. According to this, highly diluted pharmaca or poisons enhance life processes, moderately strong ones favour it, while strong concentrations may inhibit these processes and even terminate them.

    This rule has been used for all it is worth by homeopaths desperate to prove their theories. However, the exceptions to the rule are so numerous that it it can not be considered a general law. For instance, many paralysing substances have no exciting effect in weak doses, and what constitutes a weak, medium or strong stimulus is highly individual, as pointed out by Arndt. For results, see works by Agatha Christie.
    The use of Agatha Christie was to try to portray Arnt-schulz law or sometimes also called hormesis as a work of fiction. Such is the desperation of big pharma.

    For those seeking more credible information to counter such disinformation and to put on firm footing the scientific basis of homoeopathy please refer to :

    Dose makes the poison Pragma Synesi – interesting bits

    The toxicologist Edward Calabrese is no flake and his research reputation is impeccable and beyond question. Just a single testimony from him was enough for the congress to instruct the military to clean up their dumpsite.

    His interest and research result - which confirmed hormesis - is solid.