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What is difference between Allopathy and Homeopathy?

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  • shivbhtia
    1.Homeopathy uses drugs in dilutions. Allopathy in concentrations.
    2. Both are equally good in their own spheres. A balance of both can ensure a healthy disease free life.
    Shiv Bhatia

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  • tofayel553
    Homeopathy is the old system but it helps the people to cure. Allopathy is the modern technologist system which is more effective I like alopathy better than Homeopathy.

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  • MRC_Hans
    Homoeopathy (as defined by Samuel Hahnemann, around AD1810):

    The basic idea is that any disease is solely and fully characterized by the observable symptoms.

    It is assumed cured by medicine that will cause similar symptoms if they were given to a healthy person.

    Medicines are always diluted through a so-called potentization process. Dilution is often carried beyond the point where is no longer any physical remains of the original substance.

    There is to this day no conclusive evidence that high potency remedies differ from blank preparations or of any physical curative effect on patients.

    There exists a number of modern variations on homoeopathy, some of which differ considerably from Hahnemann's doctrines.

    There is no standardized education for practitioners (there exists a number of self-appointed schools, however), there is no official authorisation for practitioners, and there is no follow up or safety rules.

    There are no rules or enforcement of quality of medicines.

    There is no organized research, although a number of independent practitioners and/or adherents have staged various experiments. Results and quality of such experiments vary considerably.

    Since genuine homoeopathic medicines are highly diluted, they are generally safe and without side-effects. Unfortunately, it has not been clearly shown that they have any effects at all.

    Allopathy (as defined by Samuel Hahnemann):

    A method that uses medicines that cause symptoms largely unrelated to those of the disease. Hahnemann characterized his contemporary medics as practicing Allopathy.

    As such, Allopathy is largely obsolete and disused.

    Allopathy (as referred by modern homoeopaths):

    Modern medicine. Modern medicine is evidence based. It does not, in principle, see the symptoms as the disease itself, but instead strives to find and address the causes of the disease. Only if the disease cause is not found, or is impossible to change, does modern medicine resort to treating symptoms, as in palliative treatment and replacement treatments.

    Practitioners of modern medicine are educated according to wide-spread (albeit not universal) global standards, examined and licensed by official bodies. In most countries, feed-back systems and safety rules exist and are enforced.

    Likewise, the production and distribution of medicines is strictly regulated.

    There is extensive, international research constantly going on to verify and improve existing treatments and finding new and better ones.

    Modern medicines are often strong and with focused uses, making them dangerous if dosed wrongly, or used for the wrong indications. Most medicines have various unwanted effects (side-effects).


    I hope this helps.


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  • Anneke
    Use search machines......e.g. Google or Bing......lots of info on the internet......

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  • sannu123
    started a topic What is difference between Allopathy and Homeopathy?

    What is difference between Allopathy and Homeopathy?

    Kindly tell me, What is difference between Allopathy and Homeopathy ? which one is the better medical treatment ?????