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Has anyone ever gone on a brewery tour?

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  • Has anyone ever gone on a brewery tour?

    I have been on two, sort of. One was a brew-pub, with a bunch of home-brewers and we got to see the equipment close up and talk about the principles involved, what they do with spent grain, etc. The brew pub. provided a pitcher or two of beer and we provided the rest. The brew pub also provided water and slices of bread so that we could "cleanse our palates" between beers, a very desirable thing to do if you are serious about tasting.

    The other was a mistake. We arrived on a day that there were no tours but someone took us to see some of the equipment where we would not interfere with operations and then to the tasting room.

    In neither case was there a charge nor a limit on what we could drink. We had the good sense to sample, not guzzle.

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