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  • what is a body?

    How The Body Works

    Fear and apprehension are almost universally felt in the viscera " Gut feeling " is older than science. It has been speculated that there is a secondary brain located in that area. Certainly instinctual reactions that are as old as the DNA manifest themselves via this outlet. It may be considered due to a possible relationship to the dinosaurs, some of whom had two brains , one in the head and one further down the body.
    The art of genetic splicing , or the technology of recombinant ligation [17] runs into problems when the splice is rejected for no apparent reason. It may be desirable from the human point of view , but non viable in the overall view of total genetic possibility. The genes must have a view of eternity that is beyond human comprehension - having existed for millions of years.
    They will accept or reject human interference as it works to their own best advantage. As a race it has taken us thousands of years to accept that Earth is not the center of the universe - now perhaps we have to accept that humanity is a suit of clothing that the genes have put on for a possibly limited period. Let us hope that we do not ruin the suit so that they have to send it to the cleaners.
    The Human Genome Project [5] is already outdated by the discovery that at least some genetic information is [ See prions and BSE research ] " written " and "stored " at molecular and sub-molecular levels. A further instance of the way in which science continually peels away one layer to reveal another - showing that without understanding ,knowledge is a useless rag bag.
    Our society and our individual bodies reflect one another and are embedded in the
    province of nature. So if we exploit and ruin Nature we exploit and ruin ourselves. The unraveling of the Human Genome Project is probably irrelevant in the sense that each individual is a unique and evolving entity that meets and solves the problems of its individual development - until it meets a problem that it cannot solve and lays down its share of the Life Force. A concept that is developed in " Cellular Organization in a Biotic Entity " [7] .
    Apoptosis [19] or cell suicide is currently under investigation in oncology , with the idea that it may be possible to get a tumour to commit suicide and abort itself . One can imagine this as a subject of military research - can we kill our enemies this way ? . But as we are all part of Nature and Humanity - who are our enemies ?. What it also shows is that all the cells of the body are in communication ,via the lymph , blood , ductless glands , and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This view is supported by a tradition stretching back to the early 1900's. Dr. Compton Burnett [8] and Vithoulkas [21] considered that cells that were in close proximity to each other in early embryo development , retain an affinity , or connective awareness of each other - regardless of their position in the finally completed body.