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    The heated arguments on the efficiency of homeopathy underscore the need for clear understanding of working of our medicines.I still ca'nt corelate the theory of memery of water and biophotons with the action of homeopathically given medicines,Does _anyone have any ideas? I'd also like to know your thoughts on vaccinations.--seema

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    You asked for some ideas, well try these:

    Homoeopathic remedies consist of interference patterns of magnetic fields, the pattern for each remedy is different but the strength of the fields denotes the potency.

    These patterns can be found on the remedy cards which are used in a Malcolm Rae potency simulator (which some homoeopaths use to create their remedies).

    When a remedy is created by the normal method of succussion and dilution, the act of succussion is very similar to the way that you can turn an iron bar into a magnet by striking it with a hammer at the correct angle to the local direction of the earth's magnetic field.

    Water is very good at holding these magnetic fields, as human beings are mainly water, when a remedy is taken they become magnetized.

    If the vibration of the remedy matches the vibration of the vital force or soul, then complete healing can take place. If the match is only close then only partial healing can take place.

    All remedies are made from the etheric template of the material being potentised.

    These are the main reasons why it is so difficult to prove homoeopathy scientifically.

    Don't forget that Samuel Hahnemann was also interested in magnet therapy and Mesmerism (animal magnetism) see paragraphs 288-290 of the Organon.

    We also have potentized magnet (3 forms) and the other imponderables (which are just various forms of EM radiation.


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      I understood what you where saying until:

      Water is very good at holding these magnetic fields, as human beings are mainly water, when a remedy is taken they become magnetized.

      Are you saying the remedy directly changes the body's magnetic field?


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        Using the word 'magnetic' very loosely, I would speculate that the EM fields of the body (vital force, aura, etheric templates - whatever you want to call them) are modified by the EM fields of the homoeopathic remedy.

        All healing comes from the soul, so when an adjustment is made in the soul at either the physical or emotional or mental level, this will eventually work it's way down to the physical body as healing.

        Anyway, as the 'magnetic' effect of the remedy is used up, the healing effect diminishes.

        By the way, did you know that the sense of smell works by detecting the specific EM radiation frequency coming from a molecule of a substance. This would explain why strong smells can antidote the effects of a remedy.


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          I must admit to you that I am dubious, though open-minded. I have a very neuro-centric view of the remedy mechanism and don't believe that the soul is a very useful concept for understanding it though as you indicated that may be more of a semantics issue. But I am intrigued by the idea of EM fields and how they play a role. (In another thread, GM posted a note that said remedies can sometimes set off metal detectors.) I am wondering if the change to the body's EM fields might be experimentally discernable. One question: Must the remedy be placed on the tongue to be effective?


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            If you would like to check out information on how EM fields interreact with human body tissues, then have a look at the following web pages -

            In answer to your question, no the remedy does not have to placed on the tongue, it can just be left on the hand, it can be sniffed, personally I can hold my left hand within an inch or so of the remedy and still get a dose, I have also placed a metal knife (held in my fingers) against a remedy bottle and received a dose. These are what actually made me wonder what the energy is in a remedy.It depends a lot on your own personal sensitivity.


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              I'm back after a long break and agree withjf
              The medicine is physical and is administered via oral,olfactory,skin,mucous membrane,IV routes.The drug proving needs to be done by present day pharmaceutical methods and I've started with Allium Sativum.By the way I can't get any magnetic signature of any drug...what did you get?
              Happy New Year-Seema


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                Try asking your questions on the discussion forum at


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                  Look at HeartMath Institute...they have some pretty good scientific views of subtle energy. Tiller (William) Prof. Emeritus of Stanford has written some interesting things on scientific basis of homeopathy