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    Hi there, I posted this in the scientific forum ,but thought you might find it useful here as well:
    I'd suggest a read of a fantastic book called "Homeopathy, Science or Myth?" by Bill Gray, MD

    It was my first book on Homeopathy and it explained alot to me as I am originally from a schooled science background and was quite skeptical as to how Homeopathy seemed based on a paradox [the more dilute a remedy, the more powerful].

    Straightforwad science for the scholar or layman...without condesention, even!

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    I too like Bill Gray's book, but he chose to ONLY describe and reference the "positive" studies on homeopathy. I feel that it is essential for us to honestly report on the positive as well as the "negative" studies.

    For people who want the most comprehensive review of both positive and negative clinical studies, you will really love my newest writing which is an EBOOK called "Homeopathic Family Medicine." You can see 7 free chapters of this ebook at my website: Homeopathic Educational Services' Homepage

    Dana Ullman, MPH