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    This paper shows that H. medicines do not have to be in physical contact with the animals they affect.

    Endler et al's work.

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    TOPIC: Homeopathy is energy not matter

    Will be pasted in here.

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        First draft reply to Nathan

        Thanks for the reply. Unless the principles of Homeopathy have changed since Hahnemann's day, or I am mistaken, the experiments by Benveniste, Ennis and the Horizon $1M Challenge have the same flaw, based on a misunderstanding about Homeopathy.

        The hypothesis being tested by these experiments was that water can be imprinted with a memory of past solutes. But, the nature of Homeopathic medicines is quite different. The classical work, Organon of medicine, by Hahnemann writes:

        (I include his emphasis on words.)

        Para 19 : ..Homeopathic medicines can cure disease only if they possess the power to alter the way the person feels and functions. Indeed, it is ONLY because of this power that they are medicines.

        Para 21 : follows that when Homeopathic medicines cure, they do so only through their ability to alter human health by causing characteristic symptoms.

        Para 22 : The curative power of Homeopathic medicines consist exclusively of their propensity to produce symptoms...

        He has this characteristic style of repetition when he really wants to emphasize his points. You may say that what he says is just a theory, but my extensive study of his work convinces me that he is just not the kind of person to make mistakes or rash theories. Above quotes were from the final revised edition of his book.

        So, no homeopathic medicine will ever "remember" an Anti-IgE antibody nor Histamine molecule, causing biological activity on Human Basophils. This is not how Homeopathic medicines work.

        Homeopathic medicines act on body defence systems to initiate predictable characteristic symptoms that manipulate its actions...they do not contain molecules which attack any disease agent.

        To test Homeopathic Anti-IgE or Histamine, it would first be necessary to do PROVINGS of them to determine all the symptoms they initiate in healthy people. It is only when the "totality of symptoms" they produce closely match those of a sick person, that their value as Homeopathic medicines can be realised.

        The currency of homeopathy is symptoms, not diseases because, Hahnemann found, people react very differently to the same disease agent, through testing of his Homeopathic medicines.

        Somebody questioned the state of water's memory before the experiment began. For the same reason, in double-blind Scientific studies, Homeopathy would ask the same question about the state of the immune system of the patient's before the experiment began. The state of the immune system is in continuous flux, and its condition affected by previous illnesses.

        Hahnemann perfected the art of manipulating the faulty body's immune system of the sick person so that it is able to complete its action and restore a steady state. Hahnemann called the body's Homeostatic processes, including the immune system, the Vital Principle.

        The large majority of people who get sick and go to a doctor have not been seriously affected by disease at all but, either for life-style or inherited reasons, their defences (immune) system's are not operating fact, the disease agent was probably completely removed by the immune system months prior to the visit to the doctor - but symptoms persist, because the toxic products made by the immune system to eliminate the disease continue to be produced.

        It is the body which always produces symptoms, not the disease agent, as far as Homeopathy is concerned. The blood circulation's normal role in supplying nutrients and maintaining homeostasis, switches priorities to its defensive actions if it cannot eliminate a disease agent within about one week.

        Disease is nearly always "silent" in people with healthy immune systems, and they are not even aware of the immune system's management of the disease agent - the corrective action was taken without upsetting the body's homeostasis. But, when patient survival becomes the priority, the immune system uses the blood stream (and lymphatic system) for communication and transport of its many products. Of course, the blood stream must continue to supply food to the tissues as well, and it is the tissues which are affected by these immune system products, toxic reactions causing a wide range of externally-presenting symptoms.

        The immune system is centrally controlled and involves all body organs and tissues, with communication between involved parts carried by chemical messengers in the blood and lymphatic circulation. Management of disease proceeds through a many-step process. Feedback loops, with one immune system step secreting a messenger into the blood which is received by a target organ, which secretes another messenger which inhibits further activities in the first organ, which in turn secretes a messenger received by the Central Control centre in the brain. And, after the disease agent is eliminated, the Central control centre then triggers messengers to organs to reset the body back to a steady state.

        If any one of the complicated sequence of messages fails to get through, the immune system usually has some compensating, or backup, strategy. The organ which should have secreted a messenger didn't secrete enough, so that the target organ did not receive its signal, or had a fault in its reception. Or the messenger itself had a defect so either more is needed, or the backup process needs to be activated instead. If not, the immune system just "hangs" until it receives its next instruction. This is the typical case in Chronic diseases, which usually continue in this state until death if not successfully treated, because the immune system cannot manage further infections effectively.

        All this activity during the diseased state, with these immune system products circulating into the tissues causing toxic reactions, many of which are not just internal to the body but present themselves in large numbers outside the body were meticulously documented by Hahnemann, (e.g., twitch of the upper eyelids).

        So, what Hahnemann strived to do is exert a beneficial influence on this very common condition of "hanging" disease. He found that the only way to succeed is to try to overcome the faulty message by triggering the immune response again for this type of disease.

        He called his medicines artificial-diseases because they produce a characteristic set of symptoms in the body, yet contain no disease agent. He found that by matching the symptoms of the artificial disease to the patients symptoms as closely as possible, the immune system was fooled into thinking that there had been a new infection of the disease agent which had resulted in the "hanging"' disease.

        It is likely that the steps of disease management which had completed successfully, informed Central Control, which at some point assumed that the later steps had completed successfully. So Central Control was not even aware of the existence of the hanging disease. Artificial re-infection triggered the immune response again, from the start.

        The problem Hahemann had was that the immune system was not easily fooled into thinking the action of the homeopathic medicine was anything but a different disease (artificial disease) and instead of the intended action a whole new set of symptoms would appear if the medicine was not weel chosen.

        At least some part of the immune system DID think there was another disease present (triggered without a disease agent). The immune system is able to detect more than one disease at a time and has difficulty in managing both at the same time - it often sets one of them aside, prioritising on which it considers to be the stronger or more serious disease.

        So, when symptoms were a very close match, Hahnemann found the effect was remarkable.
        Just a single dose, and leave the patient to recover, which may take a month or more. The body heals itself, the medicine just helps it over the one faulty hurdle blocking the immune system's completion.

        Anybody with more than a minor fault in their immune system's operation would certainly die in early childhood, when the child is most vulnerable.

        So, Hahnemann, using meticulous handling of "total symptom pattern", both of his fully-tested medicines and of those presenting in the patient, managed to manipulate the patient's immune system, firstly by fooling it into believing that the medicine's action is actually the same disease as it is still processing at the moment, and then, once past this hurdle, secondly, making sure the patient receives precisely the dose of the medicine which is just enough to exceed the intensity of the presenting disease symptoms.

        The immune response is either triggered afresh, the steps of this disease are all re-stimulated, or some up-stream step is made aware of the continuing "hanging", and repeats its actions.

        By this time, the disease may have hung for months, so it may take some time for the step to make the required immune system products and effected downstream activities.

        In effect, with all his tireless work over many years .....yeas of practical work, Hahnemann knew absolutely everything anyone needed to know about the immune system and homeostasis, (Vital Principle) - not by its precise mechanism, but by meticulously measuring all presenting symptoms which occur in all situations - symptoms his eyes. With symptoms his eyes, he had a "logical model" of the immune system, which enabled him to successfully treat almost every disease.

        In several places he repeats "God, in his infinite wisdom, has given us all that we need, to free man from his suffering".

        How do the medicines work?

        Are symptoms an external presentation of the toxic effects caused by the immune system's activities? Or, are symptoms produced deliberately, by something else, with some function within the body's immune/homeostatic management? If the symptoms are the result of toxicity, how does the "artificial disease" produce these symptoms? Are the symptoms a separate entity evolved to manage all these immune system activities?

        Because these activities involve the whole body, there would be a significant advantage in using the penetrance of e/m radiation for management of immune system activities, over chemical messengers.

        Why shouldn't Nature use such a higher-level, or overlayed, control/communication system? If e/m radiation is used, this would be supported by the extraordinary, probably magnetic, property of Homeopathic medicines.


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          Dr DAVID REILLY :

          "We studied Placebo effects in the context of a study we conducted on asthma.
          The design of the study was double-blind and placebo-controlled. All the data consisted of the patient's own perceptions about their Asthma condition. On average, the active medicine proved superior to placebo and it proved to be a positive outcome in this study. But, that average view of this group of people belied the incredible individuality within it, and it was this individuality which so struck us.

          The differing effects of these placebos, under identical conditions, even contradicting actions of two placebo doses, would appear to be explained by the "transmission of expectation"....and an engagement between the patient's expectations and the doctor's expectations.

          Whether we are conscious of it, or not conscious of it, at the heart of medicine is Human encounter. And, what is emerging is that the encounter can be a force for good, or healing, or actually a force for destruction, or disruption. When a patient is coming to see a Carer, they are already in a heightened and altered state, or a state of expectation and trepidation.

          And, even in the opening seconds of the encounter, the patient is evaluating whether this encounter is safe and enhancing, or threatening or disrespectful to them in some way. And, using these skills, making sure we really bring humanity to bear, as well as blending it with our technical or medical skills, can SUBSTANTIALLY, in fact, DRAMATICALLY, enhance the therapeutic effect of the encounter, and turn it into a therapeutic consultation. "

          COMMENTATOR :
          "How important is the relationship between a doctor and a patient? Dr Reilly is now looking more closely at the therapeutic potential of the consultation so that doctors can learn how to use this tool to achieve better healing results and avoid making patients' symptoms worse."

          DR REILLY later appeared on aBBC Radio 5 Live debate on the Placebo effect, promoting a "Doctor-Patient-Disease" management process involving no medicine at all.

          Is this how Hahnemann helped his patients?..but he was somehow unaware of it? A careful study of his writings reveals that it is impossible to doubt Hahnemann's sincerity. And there is so much evidence to suggest an explanation other than Placebo.

          The "seven times repetition" in his book "Organon of Medicine" of phrases of the sort "If the Physician really wants to help his patients, then he must make the medicines himself", is worrying. It probably did not occur to him that the reason why other doctors' medicines were not right was more than failure of the preparation procedure.

          Supposing there is some change to the solutions during Homeopathic preparation, perhaps Hahnemann's own body (and expectation) was influencing the medicine being prepared, as well as the proposed Placebo effect when treating the patient.

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            J C,

            Let me clarify some points.

            ..."Lancet and Br Med Journal are Scientific Journals." "Not strictly true - they are medical journals."

            Boyd's work was tested by the most eminent scientist of the 1920's and 30's, Lord Horder and his team. The results were published in those journals because it was a medical issue.

            "Physicists have a long and still very current (pardon the pun) involvement in medicine."

            "I was simply making the point that tens of decades of medical physics have totally failed to show any evidence for your odd belief -"

            I am well aware of all the points in your post. My reference was to the work of Boyd and others. It was only on your next post, and quotes above, that I understood why you had included all this material.

            So let me reply based on this realisation.
            Yes, marvellous developments. Are you saying that, during these developments, physicists would surely have stumbled upon this Boyd phenomenon if it existed?

            If that is your point then I would say "not necessarily". A great deal is still unknown about magnetic phenomena, according to many physicists, e.g. the up-to-date University textbook "Quantum Theory of Magnetism" by Mallinson.

            Medical Equipment available utilises a considerable range of the e/m spectrum, but much is still unknown.

            From wading thru literature on Boyd and his much criticized predecessor Abrams (or Abrahms), I think this e/m radiation phenomenon, is probably within the Radio or Microwave frequency ranges.

            J C,

            "I was simply making the point that tens of decades of medical physics have totally failed to show any evidence for your odd belief - although lack of evidence isn't the same as proof of absence, we can fairly safely conclude that you are more than likely barking up the wrong tree."

            Re: my odd belief.

            1. I studied Hahnemann's writings carefully and concluded that the man was certainly sincere, as well as being extremely clever. I could not fault any of his reasoning, and the knowledge of Human Pathology he acquired through tireless practical work, was nothing less than astounding.
            In other words, I am certain that Hahnemann succeeded with his system of medicine. And, if he was wrong then he was not certainly aware of it, so don't doubt his integrity.

            Whether or not his system was faithfully continued by his successors is another matter, and I am in no way qualified to comment on this.

            So, at the moment, I restrict my belief in Homeopathy to that performed by Hahnemann himself, personally,.sometimes called Classical Homeopathy (but wrongly so, see next post). I have revisited many Scientific studies on Homeopathy, none of which tested Hahnemann's Classical homeopathy.

            2. The work of Boyd, Abrams, Voll & Schimmel should be seriously considered. If the Scientists cannot reproduce the results then they should get in a systems analyst to help.

            3. A large number of papers supporting Homeopathy have accumulated.

            See next post.


            Altern Med Rev 2002 Feb 7(1) page 59-67

            Effective treatment of seborrheic dermatitis using a low dose, oral homeopathic medication consisting of potassium bromide, sodium bromide, nickel sulfate, and sodium chloride in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

            Smith SA, Baker AE, Williams JH.
            Loma Lux Laboratories, Tulsa, OK, USA.

            BACKGROUND Topical over-the-counter remedies exist to aid in the control of seborrheic dermatitis. Low-dose systemic oral nickel and bromide therapy has shown promise in providing improvement and eventual clearing of the disease.
            OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of an orally administered low-dose, homeopathic mineral therapy (Potassium bromide 1X, Sodium bromide 2X, Nickel sulfate 3X, Sodium chloride 6X) on seborrheic dermatitis.
            METHODS 41 patients with seborrheic dermatitis were assigned to one of two treatment groups: Active or placebo. Study medication was administered in a placebo-controlled, randomly-selected, double-blind study for 10 weeks. At the end of 10 weeks all patients crossed over to the active medication, under a different label for an additional 10 weeks in an open study format.
            RESULTS Twenty-nine patients completed the 10-week blinded portion of the study. After 10 weeks of treatment, the disease state of the active patients improved significantly over that of the placebo patients, p < 0.04. The placebo patients' condition before and after crossover to active treatment was also evaluated, showing significant improvement, p < 0.01, 10 weeks after crossing over to active medication. CONCLUSION Oral therapy using a low-dose homeopathic preparation combining Potassium bromide 1X, Sodium bromide 2X, Nickel sulfate 3X, and Sodium chloride 6X, provides significant improvement in seborrheic dermatitis after 10 weeks.

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              Fritz Popp






              In 1973, Dr. Fritz Popp of the University of Marbush in Germany showed that all the cells of the body possess resonant frequencies and emit electromagnetic waves, which travel at the speed of light. A wide range of wave lengths of this e/m radiation can be used by the cells to communicate with each other.

              Dr. Popp stated, "One could regard disease as being the storage of wrong oscillations. We already know that biological systems store electromagnetic oscillations; so it is possible that the wrong oscillations occur, which remain obstinately in the organism, and lead to misregulation".

              "Disease", continued Dr. Popp, "is not an alteration of the physiological oscillations, but is caused by additional electronic oscillations which hinder the unrestricted flow of energy in an organ or an organism. This energy congestion ultimately lead to a blocking which can significantly impair the unrestricted flow of healthy electromagnetic oscillations". Homotoxins will then begin to accumulate in these blocked systems.

              55 years earlier, Dr. Voll a medical doctor and acupuncturist in Germany, discovered the fundamental truth of oscillations or vibratory frequencies and developed a highly sensitive instrument that not only measure these energetic disturbances, but finds resonating remedies for their resolution. EAV advances this technology into the 90's with accuracy and elegance.

              The Electro Dermal Screening Instrument (EAV) has the ability to measure electromagnetic disturbances in the meridian system and to find imbalances in the flow of biological energy, allows on to detect ongoing cellular pathology in specific area of the body as well as to predict future organic dysfunction. Through a protocol of biological resonance, EAV will illuminate the causes of this bioenergetic dysfunction and will find potential resonating homeopathic, botanical and nutritional resolutions for the disorders.

              Ref #2

              A physicist speaks
              One of our new members, Mike Wright, has a degree in physics and wrote me a well articulated letter after reading my response to one of Ken Barclay's recent questions. He starts his letter with that question and response and develops his well thought out ideas from there. The letter is highly technical in nature and, I suspect, will be of more interest to some than others.
              LETTER: [Ken Barclay's question] 3. When I was in school, "energy" was defined as the capacity to do work. When people just talk about "energy," they usually are referring to how they feel. As an engineer concerned with feelings, how do you think of "energy"? Is it some kind of physical property of organisms? What does the term "energy system" mean?

              GARY'S RESPONSE: [To Ken Barclay's question] In the context of EFT, energy refers to the oriental notion of Qi and doesn't have the same connotation as it does in classical physics. I liken it to subtle amounts of electricity but I don't think anyone has a firm definition for it. In a way, it is like gravity. No one knows exactly the what or why of gravity but we know it is there by its effects. So we study its effects and make great practical use of it. Airplanes and satellites wouldn't exist without our knowledge of gravity's effects. EFT makes great use of these energy meridians and provides observable effects for our scientists of tomorrow.

              To me, the term "energy system" is a convenient way of labeling the total system of energy pathways (meridians) that course throughout the body.

              MIKE WRIGHT'S COMMENTS: Gary, Your answer to Ken and your use of the term "energy system" without a rigorous definition prompts me to encourage you not to forsake your training as an engineer too quickly. I've studied the oriental systems for almost thirty years. I have a degree in physics and have diligently kept abreast of current events in that field. There is a temptation to label the oriental perspective as "mysterious" and either accept it or reject it as such without seeking Western correlates.

              If I asked you, as an engineer, to give an an accurate but non-technical explanation of how a telegraph system, desk-top computer or TV/VCR worked, I'm sure you could do it easily. So, when asked to give a similar explanation of the psycho-biological system, perhaps you haven't seen the correlation: input, process, output.

              The telegraph, computer or TV/VCR receives a signal from something outside of the system, something in its environment, usually a human tapping the keys. It processes the signal according to its design and generates a response.

              Those who investigated chi and meridians earlier this century had a bias towards classical physics. They assumed they would find separate little wires to propagate the chi just like they had found separate systems to propagate blood and chemical nerve signals. When they didn't find the wiring, they concluded the whole thing was a myth of the mysterious orient rather than considering that maybe their assumptions were erroneous or that their tools were insufficient.

              Continued.....see next post.

              In recent years, much has changed. You've referred to the work of Becker and some of the other work cited by Callahan. Here's more:

              If you haven't read the work of Fritz Popp and Walter Kroy in Electromagnetic Bioinformation, get it through interlibrary loan. It lays out the engineering of the biological organism so clearly and the research was done in the 70's. All of the other works in Callahan's bib support the idea that the energy system" IS electro-mechanical, electro-optical, electro-acoustic, electromagnetic AND can be directly engineered just like VCRs and computers.

              This does not reduce a human being to a mere machine. The biological system is a machine, but the operator is outside of the system. Thus there is a simple perspective for mind, spirit, soul, reincarnation, all the mysteries. Stanford cellular biologist Bruce Lipton has done outstanding work on describing the system, the operator and the interface.

              Thomas Bearden (you'll find his recent work on the internet, search authors in Yahoo!) has also done wonderful work on direct engineering of quantum virtual states and nested hyper-realties. He ties in the relationship of spirit, soul, mind, body and electromagnetics. His books, "AIDS: Biological Warfare" and "Excalibur Briefing" provide excellent syntheses of his work, although they are dated as to the Soviet Union.

              The work of Bohm and Pribram provides another piece. In summary, our brains mathematically construct "concrete" reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful primary reality that transcends time and space. Remember this is from a neurosurgeon and a physicist, not an Eastern mystic. A nice summary of their work can be found in "The Holographic Paradigm," edited by Ken Wilber in 1985. Note that thoughts are frequencies. They aren't necessarily generated by the brain, but the brain can act as a receiver of thought, so once again we are not reduced to being mere machines. Spirit, soul, mind can signal the brain.

              "Some experiences are related to what is unconscious in us - to processes for which there is consciousness but no awareness. In quantum theory, these are situations in which the quantum state does not collapse but goes on developing in time according to the dynamics of the situation. The unconscious dynamics, however, may play a role in later conscious events. This aspect allows us to verify the effects of quantum interference in experiments of unconscious perception." - McCarthy, K. and Goswami, A. "CPU or self-reference? Discerning quantum functionalism and cognitive models of mentation" Jnl of Mind and Behaviour. (I don't have the date of publication, it was in 1993 or 1994.)

              This could be the technical definition of Callahan's p. Goswami is a physics professor at the University of Oregon. He wrote a book called "The Self-Aware Universe: how consciousness creates the material world" from which I took the above citation.

              Let me put it all together briefly: The human body is the most advanced and elegant "machine" system around. It is self-repairing, self-replicating and evolutionary. It can adapt to ambiguities and an ever-changing environment. We (spirit, soul, mind, personality) use it to explore and relate to the physical environment. It is a vehicle, just like the Mars lander. (There is no metal and silicon-based machine ever made that didn't get its start in the mind of a human.) It receives a variety of signals, processes them and generates responses.

              Tapping a meridian point delivers mechanical energy to a key. The energy is converted to an electrical signal that is propagated through the cells of the connective tissue (fascia, tendons, ligaments) by way of resonance (Popp et al.) and electron transport in the cell membranes (Lipton) and the microtubules (Penrose and Pribram) within each cell. This signal acts as a carrier wave. The tuning is essential (Callahan) in that it is the modulated information that is nested in the carrier (Bearden). The modulated signal collapses the superposition of quantum states that are causing the interference (McCarthy and Goswami). Thus the rapid change in system output (behavior, expression, affect, etc.). It is no different than adjusting the color, contrast, focus and brightness on the TV in order to get a clear picture.

              Mike Wright


              When I began Vegatesting, I had been practicing other Bio-energetic modalities for several years, notably EAV. Vegatesting essentially measures the body's electromagnetic responses to electromagnetic stimuli. The surface of the body has points of differential sensitivity to electromagnetic stimuli. These points correspond closely to many of the classical acupuncture points of TCM and have been mapped extensively as points of electrical conductivity maxima by the EAV school.

              When a test ampule is placed in circuit during the vegatest, it is not necessary for any current to pass through the ampule for the body to respond to the ampule. Only radiant electromagnetic energy (photons) need be emitted by the ampule and received by the body via an optically or electrically conductive media, such as a fiber optic or a wire. Electrons are known to absorb and emit photons. This occurs every time an electron shifts to a different orbital or when a chemical bond is formed or broken. In an electrical conductor, electrons move freely with respect to the matrix of atoms of the conductive substance, such as silver, copper, or aluminum. When these two properties of electrons are understood, it becomes obvious that electrons in the aluminum well of the Vegatest unit are continuously absorbing photons emitted by an ampule placed in the well. These electrons will then travel through the electrically conductive media of the wire, the hand electrode and the body's intracellular fluids. These electrons will travel down a concentration gradient, forming a wave front of similarly energized electrons when a new ampule is placed in the well. The motion of this wave front phenomenon will exceed the speed of transmission predicted by Brownian (thermal) motion alone due to the extra energy content of the photon absorbed by each electron. The photon may at any time be re-emitted and subsequently absorbed by another electron along its path. In the biological system, there are fewer free electrons, and electron transport occurs mostly by the motion of ions, which of course consist of a nucleus and an electron cloud with unbalanced electrical charges.

              It is precisely the wavelength (and frequency) and the characteristic waveform of the photons received by the body during Vegatesting that carry the specific information to which the body then responds. Research at the Hans Brügemann Institut in West Germany has demonstrated the correspondence between electrical oscillatory frequencies and homeopathic potencies. Matt Van Benshoten, O.M.D., C.A. of California has related photon frequencies (which are much higher than electron frequencies because of the damping effect of the mass of an electron) to homeopathic potencies using Dinshah's color filters. These results are summarized in Table 1. Note that the biologically active photons emitted by homeopathic remedies are in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

              Table: Energetic correspondence of Homeopathic Potency and Color with Electronic & Photonic oscillations.
              (Table 1 is big, but will be posted if requested)

              Their resonance with higher potencies may be related to higher harmonics of the visible frequencies transmitted by these filters. Note that color is both a subjective (psychophysical) response of the organism, while electron and photon vibrations are objective. Homeopathic potency is objective, yet its importance lies in the field of biological response, which, like color, may vary both between individuals and over time.

              Any frequency as represented in Table 1 may act as a carrier frequency for a given characteristic waveform, which determines the information content of the photon. Thus the message and the biological response to a given homeopathic potency (e.g. 30 X) depends upon the substance from which it was produced (e.g. Nux vomica versus Cinchona). There is, however, also a qualitative difference in the organism's response to different frequencies (potencies) even though they are carrying the same information. Thus a higher frequency, which corresponds to more energetic photons, will affect a deeper and more lasting effect upon the organism. Research by Fritz Popp in Germany has shown that DNA is an extremely good resonator for the storage of photons. This is probably how miasmatic information is transferred across generations. His research shows a high level of DNA bio-photon interaction in both developmental and degenerative phases of the life cycle (i.e., in sickness) as compared to periods of relative biological stability.

              Integrating this new color or photo-therapy with Vegatesting has brought forth some interesting applications, which have applicability for other Vegatesters. When determining which photon frequency will be effective and tolerated as photo-therapy, there are a number of color filter testing options which may be utilized, each of which has its own significance and interpretation.

              Behavioral Vegatesting is the most direct means to an answer to the clinical questions of tolerance and effectiveness of a therapy. In behavioral Vegatesting, the actual therapeutic stimulation is set up and tested simultaneously.
              In electromagnetic frequency therapies, the frequency may be tested by directing it into one of the wells of the Vegatest unit. This may be done with test vials containing color filter material, or by irradiating and then succussing a vial of alcohol and water. The irradiated sample method works well for testing oscillations such as VDT, color television, sunlight, Ott Light Systems, Vitalight, Neodymium bulbs, standard fluorescent (warm and cool white) and incandescent light. The filter sample method works well for color phototherapies such as Vegalux, Dinshah tonations, MORA Color, Lumatron, and Syntonics. I prefer behavioral testing for specific individualized settings on such instruments as the MORA and Magnetosette, although samples treated with a range of frequencies on the Magnetosette is useful to as a starting point.

              Color filters may be interposed between a sample and the test well in order to isolate the harmonic frequencies of that substance which are effective and tolerated. For example, you are testing a Chinese herb combination that you would like to use with the patient and you find it is tolerated but not effective. Placing a Lemon filter under the bottle results in both tolerance and effectiveness. You thus prepare a 12 X homeopathic potency of the remedy to dispense to the patient. In my practice I use the color filters in this way, together with the Injeel forté test set from BHI when I need to test a homeopathic remedy which I do not have in stock.

              Occasionally, I utilize a color filter box which fits over the entire Vegatest well, to illuminate a remedy with that frequency. Specific energizing of a remedy can increase its effectiveness. If this is found to be the case, specific phototherapy with that frequency would be given in coordination with dosing of the remedy. The total blood volume of the body passes through the eyes in less than 40 minutes, and only in the eyes is the blood exposed directly to the full visible spectrum of electromagnetic quantum energies. Because each mineral, vitamin, hormone, enzyme and toxin has a unique electron configuration, it has a unique signature in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is how we identify an unknown chemical in the organic chemistry lab, the minerals in a hair sample or the composition of a distant star. Our own sun's light, when viewed through a prism to separate the various frequencies, is seen to have black bands, called Fraunhofer lines, which are especially prominent for Hydrogen, Calcium and Sodium. This is because of the prominence of those minerals in the sun's atmosphere. The black absorption bands are precisely the same frequencies that those substances will emit when energized, such as the well-known Sodium D line. This is the emission/absorption spectrum of each substance, which represents those specific quanta of photon energy which the electrons of that substance can interact with in changing orbitals (energy levels). By energizing the electrons of Zinc, for example, with Turquoise light, the biological activity of a Zinc atom is increased several hundred percent instantaneously. According to Nobel prize winner, Albert Szent-Gyorgi, enzyme activity levels are specifically increased and decreased by the color of light with which they are illuminated. He has found that vitamins and hormones are similarly affected by color. Ultimately, even solid matter is, as another Nobel Laureat, physicist David Bohm, puts it: "frozen light." Of course, it is the light that is active as photons which is the most dynamic, including in the biological system.

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