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    I am Post gradute doctor in homoeopathy done MD in this year only. I want to any good platform to work and undergo more reasearch in the field of homoeopathy in your country . please give some guidance to further achive my goal .
    thanking you.

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    almost all homoeopathic doctors in england work in private practice, after having trained and gathered patients while in nhs [national health service] allopathic practice.

    however there are a few remaining homoeopathic hospitals - to my knowledge in glasgow, london, tunbridge wells, liverpool and maybe bristol.
    doctors who work at those hospitals have to be trained in allopathic medicine to the uk standard [which means a lot of extra allopathic training for a doctor qualified in homoeopathic medicine in india - even though you want to practice homoeopathic medicine.] you might enquire via the faculty of homoeopathy in either london or glasgow about the requirements.

    best of luck in your career.


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      Just difficult is it to "requalify" as an MD in UK if you've studied and earned your degree in another country?

      In Canada, its very, very difficult for incoming docs from other countries to even be allowed to write exams to requalify. For some, it means they will be waiting many years before being allowed to write the exam to requalify.
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