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    And you have yet to provide any evidence that your "proof" is based on real testing and observation, real information gathered from use and re-use and effect; and that any tests you call "proof" were conducted by non-interested third parties who had nothing massive to gain from the tests.

    As for you silliness regarding cigarettes, in fact science is still paid to testify as to the lack of correlation in many lawsuits which are evenutally won by Big Tobacco. You are watching too many movies.

    As for substances that are lethal...hey, I have no problem making up my own mind about whether or not I use them: when we're talking about pesticide use that effects millions of people who don't get a choice, or cigarette companies who profit by promoting themselves to children who then become addicted for an average of 30 years and suffer not only in themselves but also create health problems via second hand smoke for many people who also don't get a choice, or when we are talking about something like vaccines which are often given under extreme duress or are administered in bad faith (in which people are not told of their dangers, are not told of alternatives, are not told of the fact that they can be avoided as many are unnecessary) then we're dealing with something much different from personal choice.

    I gather, after repeated assays to get this point across to you, that you just don't get it and you will not ever get it.

    So: take yourself off to be vaccinated.

    Just have the common courtesy to respect others who do not wish to expose themselves to vaccines which you may believe are harmless, but others absolutely threaten health and are unnecessary.

    When they come on to a bulletin board asking for sources of information to support their choice to others, don't waste their time with a bunch of links to purchased science which they already know all about, and doubt, okay?

    One day, perhaps when it will be far too late for you to get it, you'll understand the limitations of your point of view and your argument. You question nothing except people who question the status quo. That says a lot about your ability to analyze the truth about the world around you...but eventually, the truth does come out and make itself obvious.

    Good luck to you.
    Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.<br />C.G.Jung


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      Still trying to use the tobacco issue well try here: for a company admitting it (all though it took a lot of pressure backed up by science to do it) for scientific evidence that smoking causes cancer going as far back as the 50’s

      You claim that all the links have written by people who have something to gain. Read the second one and for that matter do you have any evidence to back up your claim?

      You say that it does not matter what people decide about vaccines. This is wrong. The decision not to vaccinate not only effects that person but effects the whole of society in this case the person is not talking about their own vaccination but that of their child who is not able to make it’s own decision and as such has to rely on people around it making the best possible decision. I am all for people making informed decisions. It is when these decisions are manipulated by people who have no knowledge of the subject area that I object.

      I can’t help it if people come looking for information to support their prejudices and instead are presented with the truth. There is no good evidence to back up the decision not to vaccinate and until there is you should not be attacking vaccinations. You are of course free to look for evidence come and tell me when you have found some.

      Now if you want to object to vaccinations read through just a few of the links I have posted (or even just the first one) and tell me where they are wrong.


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        Congratulations! I suggest to make some research and reviews.