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    After years of injuring and killing people with blood transfusions [ factor 8 AIDS/HIV ] we are now told by consultant J. Thompson that " You can't get away from the fact that a blood transfusion is a liquid transplant. It's putting into your body someone else's cells that contain foreign proteins which you may react to. That's bound to lower your immunity. " Pretty well what I said in a lecture to Hematologists 20 years ago. When they set up the cost efficiency procedure of centrifuging blood from up to 3,000 people in batches. .........The illness death and injury from operating by the wrong medical model is inestimable and the expenditure horrendous. We needed the crisis of BSE before we consider making changes. Even then the work is on papering over the cracks in a crumbling system.

    In 1986 I published an article pointing out the faults and problems with vaccination. It's connection to S.I.D.'s [ cot deaths] and the way it degrades the immune system. Leading to many conditions such as asthma. Now the Japanese accept that no child under the age of two years should be vaccinated. The immune system is still taking shape and most cannot cope with vaccines. These contribute to many stomach problems as well as asthma /hay fever and can cause fits in babies 12/15 months , also Crohn's disease in later life. What we now know of the way in which virus & bacteria exchange bits of DNA, shows that life [and the human body ] , is a dynamic and to treat it as an unchanging , set in concrete , phenomena is absurd. Given the rate at which organisms exchange DNA ,the vaccine bears little semblance to the diseases we have to live with - and combat, so that we may continue our daily existence. Again the existing medical model flounders and disappears under the surface of credibility.

    So what needs to be done ?. In the '40's & '50's with naive optimism it was thought that science had the answer to everything. With the huge success of antibiotics it was assumed that we could control Nature and push it to one side. That we knew better and could intervene in the body's workings to achieve the desired ends. Now it is realized that our interventions have done more harm than good. We set out to cure gonorrhea and end up with monstrous viral infections as the virus fight back. We also assist in the debasement of the immune system - leading to all types of immuno deficiency problems from asthma to AIDS.

    The bedrock of 'science' is repeatability. If X does procedure Y in New York , then when Z follows that procedure in Melbourne or Rio , the results will be exactly the same . If this is not so then it is not 'science' !!. For the benefit of scientists lets say that , where human beings are concerned, this paradigm is useless. Extreme reaction to food/pollens/vaccines show that the spectrum of human variation is widening rapidly. What is really happening ?. It is now established that bacteria, virus , organisms of all kinds - THAT ARE GENETICALLY BASED are swapping bits of DNA in order to change shape and be better able to meet the challenge of antibiotic or vaccine. The implication of this is that our external environment is an ever changing area that operates by the laws of chaos. It has no truck with fixed parameters [ without which science cannot operate ] the result being that the medical sciences have no answers to the problems confronting them - their paradigm is bankrupt!!.

    It is also known that cells communicate, That statement implies that DNA communicates - as it is the only item in a cell complex enough to fill that function. So the DNA that inhabits our body communicates . The DNA that inhabits bacteria , virus & similar organisms also communicates , and swaps bits as needed. A recent issue of the U.S Journal " Science "reports that microbiologists are eavesdropping on the chemical messages used by the bacteria Pseudomonas . The scientists "canceled the order issued by the gene to manufacture 'slime' ."Surely someone will put 2 & 2 together and conclude that the External DNA will communicate with the Internal DNA. .... Once accepted , this would truly reintegrate the human race into nature. No longer a bystander , free to exploit and destroy , but with a symbiotic role to play in the ongoing process of continuous creation . To harmonize nature and humanity to the benefit of both. Or we can cower behind the skirts of science like a sparrow waving a threatening twig at the Mastodon that is nature. Symbiogenesis , as postulated by Lynn Margulis [Prof of Geoscience at Univ. of Massachusetts ] , shows how nature may embed organisms within each other in the way that software will embed objects in its structure. In so doing the organism both receives and provides benefits to that structure. Cyanobacteria and chloroplasts are virtually the same [ except that one lives inside algal and plant cells whilst the other is a free agent ] . Mitochondria were at one time free agents but now power our metabolism [ as well as that of plants and fungi.} Nature is not only outside us it is inside and we cannot escape the consequences of the ways in which we exploit and torture it. BSE , AIDS and Ebbola are instances of those consequences.
    The universal spread of gravitation shows it as the bedrock force of the cosmos. It is also the ruling force present when cells divide. This must create a link between energy and material --- a link that joins the vitality or life force to the living material , flesh , or body .

    Cosmologists postulate that "strings" originate in another universe , physicists track wandering particles that shoot through the body of the earth as if they were pebbles traveling through fog. Psychology [C.G.Jung] considers that we are all connected to a 'Universal Unconscious ' .
    It seems likely that a 'Life Force ' is generated as each embryo grows from a few cells to a mature being. That this force is the 'god in the machine ' . That it springs from the DNA and accounts for phenomena such as the aura around the fingertips that the Russian scientists photographed some years ago. It's connection to the universal unconscious would account for the many instances of ESP , clairvoyance and similar phenomena.
    The brain may be the nub of the central nervous system , but the mind inhabits the total bodily structure. The neural , hormonal and immunological systems are the layer that forms an interface with the life force , or 'god in the machine' . The Placebo effect is something which is real - not 'just in the mind' . The seriousness of any attempt to measure , quantify , and ask "what is really happening here " , will show if we are moving in a new direction --- or just going round in the same old well worn [but profitable] circles.

    Proof of a non material 'body envelope ' is shown by the phantom limb phenomena. If someone loses a limb the material limb is gone but the life force still inhabits the space that was occupied by the limb. I am now treating a patient who had cancerous ovaries removed. She still has the pain in the ovary though the solid fleshly ovary has been excised . Again this needs to be taken seriously and investigated. Is it possible to persuade the life force to regenerate the missing part ?. Unprotected sex is a major instance of one body envelope penetrating another ; the physical and non-physical intermingling. Where there is no true compatibility then the act is little better than masturbation , and in the short term lacking in any interest. Transplants are another area where the immune system objects to being " penetrated " . It requires powerful immunosuppressant drugs , which depress the ability of immune reactions to work ' as designed ' . This is not the way forward , as the current shortage of both organ donors and surgeons testify. We must learn to work WITH the life force , not disregard it or treat it as irrelevant. To accept that the physical body is an interface with the non material body envelope. To make decisions and initiate research based on that fact. To accept that many physical problems have their origin in the non physical envelope , and that hacking the physical envelope about , or using powerful physical drugs , is counterproductive. Recent research shows that the Sertoli cells of the testicles [ due to their function in the reproductive transfer from one body to another ] may be used to make repairs to stroke damaged brains . This would seem to be working WITH nature. The age old principle of homeopathy that ' disease travels inward and upward ' Herings Law ', and its corollary that the direction of cure is downwards and outwards, lead us to the belief that each embryo develops in a unique and individual way. Which means that the internal channel's of communication , [ between the DNA in the cellular structure ] , form according to the hereditary genetic pattern. This implies that there are paths of communication which have high resistance to the passage of traumatic stress/illness ; and other paths , which have a lower resistance. Thus stress/ trauma will pass down the easiest way to a given particular site in the body and take up residence at that point.
    So each individual will react differently to a given illness. this means that we have a true [ but , probably unacceptable to the MoD ,] explanation of the phenomena of the Gulf War.

    Nature spreads its risk of species death in this way. So that about 10% of any given population is resistant to whatever may assault it. In the way that the fly population of Egypt survived the DDT that was meant to " cure forever " the fly problem [ with all the disastrous results that DDT had on the food chain in nature ] ; the results that came from the widespread use of anti-biotics , used to "cure forever " gonorrhea , [ but the W.H.O have now , 40 yrs later declared gonorrhea "out of control " ] , as it has mutated to defeat all the anti-biotics thrown at it. ; 10% is the figure that has now emerged in Africa , for those people who have a natural immunity to AIDS. A true medical model needs to take account of the above. To SUPPORT and reinforce the existing structure and not INTERVENE ,[ under the illusion that it knows best ]. It needs to accept that it is dealing with the human entity as a material/vitality interface and not as a clod of flesh alone. The recent death of Hussein who went under as they tried a bone marrow transplant , shows that immune system organisation is essential to the body and its envelope. But still ' science ' keeps its blinkers on and looks to a potentially profitable , drug - fludarabine . Refusing to acknowledge that the immune system MUST be worked WITH and not suppressed.
    The immune system may be regarded as a membrane between the material immune system and the non material "Life Force " . All and any cure of symptoms will act as a suppression [or driving inwards ] . The effect of this is to cause a breakdown [ greater or lesser ] in the web of communication that is the immune system . Any faults in the internal communication system will allow disease to take root . It is here , out of sight , that problems grow and reach out to the surface to vent themselves . At the vent point symptoms are created and they act to relieve the deep rooted source of trouble . If we then use drugs or surgery to obliterate these symptoms we effectively close the vent and the problem is pent up . The internal pressure builds up and the body finds a different location to vent itself . So to put it into concrete terms you could have a situation where antibiotics are used to obliterate an inflamed throat gland [ or a mole is removed surgically ] and the pressure then builds up , goes down the path of least resistance , and takes the form of endometriosis [ or prostrate enlargement ] . Endometriosis occurs when a large group of cells loses touch with the communication system of the body and drift off looking for " home" . In both cases the cells involved are no longer able to receive messages . In the case of prostate enlargement we are dealing with at least one of the reasons for the increase in in cancers of all kinds [ they are created by medical treatment ] . Yet it is doubtful if any doctors or scientists will accept this point of view and certainly it would be vehemently opposed by the pharmaceutical industry . So how long do we have to go down this road where we create most of the problems we have ??? .
    Recent developments with Weak Quantum Theory and the concept of Entanglement show that everything is related. It forms a logical basis for homeopathy . It also updates the ancient beliefs of Taoism . Chuang T’zu , ancient Chinese Philosopher suggested that we do not make distictions but relate everything to the one single Unity .
    C.G.Jung also formulated the theory of Universal Unconsciousness, mediated by the sub-conscious. Giving us a reasonable basis to relate the non material “vitality “ of the human body to that Universal Unconsciousness. From here it is a short step to see that all “Symptoms“ thrown up by the body originate in the Vitality and act as “vents” for internal problems . To cut off ,or “ cure” these vents is to act against the health and best interests of the body . Resulting in chronic incurable conditions and eventual death .
    Homeopathy [and all alternative therapies ] operates on the basis that it only removes blockages in the internal energy ecology and allows the body to do its job properly . The job it has evolved over millions of years to carry out .

    John Bradley

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