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    more wonders of pharmaceuticals

    article on pharmaceutical drugs


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      Originally posted by Michael
      As of just a few years ago, the scientific community's near blanket recommendation for prevention of heart disease in post-menopausal women was estrogen replacement therapy. Was that science wrong?
      What's the point you're making here? Who cares, in the light of the topic here, whether that "science" was wrong? Science isn't like that, it's not a thing to be shown as right or wrong, it's a method applied to help understand and progress. If later research showed a previously accepted treatment to be ineffective or even detrimental, then a new method would succeed it. It's the "learning" process.

      Originally posted by g.tyler
      (... bunch o'links ...)
      Anyone can make a case against any conventional drug. Anyone can make a website about it, too. Anyone can make accusations. Some people can back them up.

      A few points to note: even if everything the anti-vaxers, anti-antibioticers, anti-cough-syrupers, anti-surgeryers and anti-bandagers (for all I know)
      says is correct (which is unbelievably improbable) then millions of lives have been and are still being saved by these techniques. Taking a ludicrous example, would you press a big red button that saved 99.99% of your country's people from death by alien invasion? Given that the remaining 0.01% had to be executed? Yes, I said it was a ludicrous example, but it's there to indicate moral responsibilities. Reliance on the second-, third- or nth-most-effective cure for a disease is putting the practitioner on extremely dodgy ground (considering for the moment all side-effects to be equal on average).

      Consider what sites there would be on the net if parents of children with bacteriological chest infections had had their treatment witheld? There'd be plenty of "government didn't give my baby what she needed to live!" slogans, wouldn't there?


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        Its for them those who advocate only for Allopathic Medicines:
        PLEASE NOTE: The following transcript is a portion of the official hearing
        record of the Committee on Government Reform. Additional material pertinent to this transcript may be found on the web site of the committee at
        []. Complete hearing records are available for review at the committee offices and also may be purchased at the U.S. Government Printing Office.
        Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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          Originally posted by kayveeh
          Passkey, many thanks for detailed add deep understanding of life force and vitality. Pls also understand it in bit simple and scientific way.

          Originally, there was a "prime force-mother of all forces". It has complexed into few fundamental forces. Different combinations of these fundamental forces have been complexed into elementary particles. Different combinations of these different forces and elementary particles have been complexed into atoms. Different combinations of these atoms along with previous generations of these have been complexed into molecules, cells, bacteria, plants, animals, stones---i.e. all things and beings as on today.

          You deserve a Nobel Prize in Physics for being able to give a description of the force that is behind the TOE (Theory Of Everything) which you call "prime force-mother of all forces". While reputable Physicists as Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne are still trying to come up with TOE, you have been obviously, thought it out yourself prior to the Physicists mentioned as they are still searching for it. This is wishful thinking. It is completely rubbish, such thing as "prime force-mother of all forces" has got nothing to do with homeopathy. Here are some recommendations to homeopaths.

          1) Avoid using the term 'energy' in whatever form or derivatives of the word as you frequently use to mean as an entity outside the laws of Physics. Energy in whatever form (heat, vibration, rotation, translation, kinetic, potential, and so forth) is a defined term in Physics that also subjected to the laws of Physics and not outside Physics.

          2) Avoid using the term 'force' in whatever form or derivatives of the word as explained in 1). Force in whatever form is a concept or entity in Physics and therefore subjected to the laws of Physics. There is no such thing as force outside the influence of Physics.

          3) Avoid using terms that has nothing to do with homeopathy, such as Quantum Entanglement, Chaos Theory, Bifurcation and Non-linear Dynamics, Theory of Complexity, Discrete Dynamical Systems, etc...

          If you avoid using steps 1 to 3 and sticks to what homeopathy is about which is treatment, then you will escape being hammered head-on (straight on) about those concepts, as they are irrelevant in relation to homeopathy. Has anyone been to a medical doctor or a vet somewhere and they mention 'Chaos' or 'Quantum Entanglement’ during diagnosis ? I never had and I believe I never will in my lifetime. If you stay out of the rules in 1 to 3, then you would find yourself debating in realistic things like, does this treatment work for allergy,does it work for flu, etc, etc. Don't even try to bring in those terms listed in steps 1 to 3 in an effort to justify the treatment such as, this treatment works because it sends out vibration to the universe and the universe sends back matching vibration that will cure your asthma. The minute you started talking like this, then you are overstepping the mark into the territory of Physics, and therefore an answer in Physics is replied back to the original poster, which might disappoint you when you find out that Physics disallows some of those outrageous claims.


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            Originally posted by passkey
            In time the pendulum has swung to the other extreme so that today atomic physicists acknowledge the erratic and unscientific behaviour of particles which interchange with energy forms, by giving them such names as Bosons and Quarks, which are described as having 'Flavours' such as 'Charmed', 'Strange', 'Top' and 'Bottom'. 26 A sure sign that at the frontiers of science there is a need for modification and renovation. The fact that, as Albert Einstein clearly saw, both the observer and the fact of observation influence events shows that an unscientific principle is at work.

            Do you understand of what you are talking about, with such terms as Bosons and Quarks , etc ? Or perhaps you want me to explain them to you ? I believe that you are doing a disservice to the homeopathy community by stepping in to a field which I believe you had no idea of what they are ? What are Quarks and Bosons got to do with homeopathy? This is typical mish-mashing words that you use to make argument for homeopathy that perhaps make it sound philosophically based as well as scientifically based. I do not see what is the relevancy of Quarks and Bosons to homeopathy. You should stay out of crossing to the territory of Physics because you are going to get hammered head-on there either by me or someone else in this forum. You should stick to what you are good at in your practice such as discussing sugar pills for treatment of your homeopathy patients.

            By the way, do you know what spins of Bosons & Quarks are ? You can look it up on the internet and if you cannot find one, then post back here so that I can tell you what they are.


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              Yes, you may be right. Homeopathy exists in observations and experiances of mass and well distributed people in millions all over the world since long with least adversities. It may not need stamp of "non-absolute/non-persistent recent science" which is always changing and still is under process. I think there are many wrinkles in current understandings of science and lot of discoveries are yet pending to be discovered. In view of this one shouldn't pose or base on it absolutely. RIGHT??

              Regarding cheking its science, it is just our curiosity or helping the science to define homeopathy in its language which is otherwise their duty to find out science of homeopathy and tell to world for the mass benefit of humanity, but not a need or base of homeopathy. Furthur, homeopathy has its own language based on symptoms--a practical way so don't need to be translated in any other language.
              Homeopathic & Biochemic system existed because Drs.Hahnemann & Schuessler thought differently.
              Successful people don't do different things, they do things differently..Shiv Khera


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                Dynamic thought>

                In one discussion, it is indicated that permanent changes in cells can be possible in nerve tissues (as difficult to regenarate after certain age) and damages due to fibrosis,scaring,degerations etc. in other tissues. Permanent Resistance to conventional/chemical medicines as such may not be possible to other human cells which are changing and generating continiously. But such resistances can happen in pathogenic agents---bacterias etc.. Some such changes may also be possible in Bcells of immune system(antibodies information). Damges to other tissues may just alter/damages their functions.

                Does it indicate the prime importance of emotional, mental and weak immunity based symptoms?
                Homeopathic & Biochemic system existed because Drs.Hahnemann & Schuessler thought differently.
                Successful people don't do different things, they do things differently..Shiv Khera


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                  Allopathic philosphy

                  NCH -> ALLOPATHIC PHILOSOPHY