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Acne scars and Thiosinaminum

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  • Acne scars and Thiosinaminum

    Hello, I hope you can help me with this question.

    I just bought Thiosinaminum 3x (it's the only X potency fot Thiosinaminum available in all the homeopathic drugstores here in Mexico).

    I bought it because i read that this medicine its indicated for scars, and in my case bought it to treat the acne scars in my face, but the problem is that i dont know the right dosage for this medicine to treat my problem.

    I read here in forums that the dosage for Thiosinaminum 6x was of three pellets 3 times a day to treat acne scars, so i don't know if this dosage is the same in the case of Thiosinaminum 3x, i began to take the Thios 3x with that dosage (3 pellets, 3 times a day i took it like for a week) but i suspended it affraid of make a mistake taking the medicine and have negative or no effect in the scars.

    Im 23 years old, suffering the acne scars since 17 years old, Im a male.
    The pellet size of my medicine is 40 (pellets of number 40)

    I turned to homeopathy to treat the acne scars because after 3 very agressive (and very expensive) treatments with a dermatologist the scars improved a little, and i dont want to repeat the dermatologist treatment it was very very painful and very agressive with my skin face.

    Hope you can help me.


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    In most cases acne go without any complication as it is normal phenomena of puberty.

    But in some cases it tend to become chronic and needs internal homoeopathic treatment as in every chronic diseases. So it is better to treat under a qualified and experienced hompath in your area instead of self treatment.

    Thiocinaminum is one of the remedy for scars and are using various potencies accroding to the patient.
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      daniel please dont double post

      Thiosinaminum Dosage
      Daniel C
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        For mild to moderate cases of acne scars, medications can usually remove acne scars although they often cause skin redness and dryness. Significant improvement usually takes some time because skin should be allowed to heal before the medication is applied again.

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          For external use thiosinaminum's effect can be obtained by using the paste of mustard seed. That is how it is made. It must be fresh because it goes sore very fast.
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