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    I use olive oil. It's simple, cheap but really effective!


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      Eat healthy, do sport and in about 5 to 7 years your body will renew itself. Some cells earlier some later.
      Something to think about. We are what we eat.


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        Originally posted by hellen View Post
        I use olive oil. It's simple, cheap but really effective!
        My wife uses oliveoil and she's happy. Works really good she says. I hear that kokosoil is good too


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          We provide skin treatment and hair loss treatment. We treat through Chinese traditional medicines


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            Hair loss may be due to various reasons. We have to treat accordingly. Hair loss after labor, after typhoid, long lasting diseases, thyroid complaints, due to dandruff etc etc.
            there are many many remedies suiting the patient for hair loss in homoeopathy
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              For an effective, healthy and natural way to take care of your hair, either if you want your hair grows faster, longer or smoother, I highly recommended olive oil and coconut oil. Massage them to your skull skin and be patient. It will pay off.
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                Faces of Ony brings a newer article on hair extensions care tips and how can you manage your hair extensions in a better way..


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                  From my experience, here are some tips for hair care:
                  1.Wash Your Hair Regularly
                  2. Use Chemical Free Shampoos
                  3. Use conditioner regularly
                  4. Oil your hair
                  5. Comb your hair regularly
                  6. Trim your hair once in a while


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                    Hi, Here are some tips:

                    Utilize Chemical Free Shampoos. ...

                    Condition Correctly. ...

                    Dry Your Hair Naturally. ...

                    Oil Your Hair Properly. (Olive oil) ...

                    Utilize A Wide-toothed Comb. ...

                    Style Your Hair Naturally. ...

                    Don't comb wet hair.