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Repair damaged nails

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  • Repair damaged nails

    1. Rehydrate Them
    Dry nails and damaged nails so make sure you rehydrate them as you would your skin. For an intense hydration hit beauty experts recommendation that a super-rich hand cream along with cuticle oil before popping on a pair of cotton gloves at night.
    healty nails

    2. Keep them well lubricated
    Experts say about the importance of regular use of oil. Rub at least once a day to keep the nail healthy and keep growing nails under control.
    Argan oil contains their Restoration base coat which helps rebuild the nail with dense strengtheners and healing Echinacea, the Brilliance top coat which seals your nails.

    3. Don't Avoid Gel Nails
    If you're anxious that long lasting gel waxes are damaging your nails, You should not worry anymore. Experts say; gel nails shouldn't leave your nails weak and dry, it's not the polish which does the damage. Quick, choose an effective remover
    If you care for the cleanliness of your fingernails, you will not care for your fingernails when you polish your fingernails.
    Do not deal with nail varnish stains that do not contain acetone, because you look inside and still have acetone is the only way to remove nail polish and it's the most effective way, so I try pure acetone which takes the polish off quickly and means the solvent isn't in contact with your nails as long as if you used a softer formula, it would be.

    4. Up Your Foods
    We've come to know admire reports on the converter effects Nails a objective cocktail of Biotin and B Vitamins that you are getting daily. For a healthy nail correction, add that Argan Oil has a high content of vitamin E, argan oil is very effective for a healthy nail correction. You can get rid of the problems of brittle nails with the help of this oil, as it has a strengthening effect on the nails.