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Skin problem on finger tips

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  • Skin problem on finger tips

    Hi Doc's,
    I have been having problem with my finger tips more than 6 months.

    The problems are :
    1. Skin on the finger tips are hard and brittle with out sensation.
    2. They become so hard and once it reaches a point they crack open and when the fingers are wet, they are so hard.
    3. The fingers just pain if i just keep my hands in and out of my pants pockets to get my car keys or so.
    4. I keep using the deep moisturizer lotion from Gold bond and also tried many other brands as well

    5. Went to the dermatologist and he said that there is no cure and just gave me some prescription of kerelac lotion to apply and that's all.

    6. It is becoming very difficult to do daily activities. like typing the keyboard which is my profession, do some cleaning like wash dishes, take bath and brush using the hands etc.,

    FYI: I did use petroleum 30 c and no luck though.

    I am attaching some pics of my fingers. please provide some help.


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    Hi guy,
    know anything about homeopathy? look up Graphites and Silica first. They both have cracks on fingertips but you must determine which fits closest to your personality. If you can't, then there are questions that will help you to find it.
    Any questions, post back here.


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      Dear Parachute,
      Thanks for responding, unfortunately this site dosen't allow me to post attachements.
      Anyways, where can i see the pics for graphities and silecia ?
      are there any articles on this site ?



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        Hi poorguy - Try uploading your picture/image to one of the free sites like geocities or yahoo -- and then you can definitely link it here (if you still want too).
        "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
        Carroll Dunham


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          Hi guy,
          You've answerd one of my questions anyway. There are no pictures of remedies as such. Graphites is the stuff lead pencils are made from. (Plumbago)
          So, are you a chilly person, and a little overweight,easily startled, procrastinator, apprehensive, have trouble making decisions. Does eating and hot drinks relieve symptoms temporarily,or make worse? This is a very small rough guide to the picture of graphites.

          Silica is pure flint.

          Please tell us the type of person you are along these lines, or if you want to read up, type the remedy names into your browser with the prefix homeopathic...

          By all means send photo's


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            This type of conditions is usualy seen here with ladies who are constantly dealing with detergents for washing clothes or dishes.In that cases change of detergents do some help.So use only mild detergents.As far as the maintaining cause are there which help the disease to sustain, the cure will be diffcult.

            The medicines as told by parachute, should be taken according to the symptom similiarity.
            <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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              Fingers tips pealing

              Hi parachute/PANNAKKAL,
              Thanks for responses.

              I have uploaded 3 pics below of my fingers taken today. These are far better than when they actually peal badly and bleed.

              Regarding the symptoms, I live in the North-EAST USA which is a very very cold place.
              - I can better deal with hot climate than cold
              - I prefer taking warm and normal temperature water than cold water and I also tend to avoid ice cold water.
              - I am slim personality
              - I am a terrible procrastinator since couple of years and in general have trouble making decisions
              - I prefer hot drinks as opposed to cold drinks even for that matter like my food hot. I don't think eating or hot drinks is making any difference though (may be i didnot notice closely)

              I used to be very determined and focussed and never a procrastinator until few years ago. I used to be a go getter and do things very promptly. There are few things going on in my life since few years that are bothering me and i am lacking any motivation to do things. I sleep late and get up late and am taking things very easy and granted and postponing thing that are important.

              I am a regular gym goer and work out every day and recently stopped working out since jan 1st since i got some sinus problems and more so the chill weather was not co-operating as well with 2 ft snow and below 0 temperatures.

              My thoughts jump from one to another in a split seconds.
              This is a gist of the situation i am in, not sure if these are contributing to these problems.

              Please let me know if you need any more information.
              Please do take a look at the pictures in the links

              Thanks again for the patience to hear my problems and suggesting remedies.






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                few more clarifications to Dr. Pannakal's response

                Just a clarification to Dr. Pannakal's response.

                Well, I am no way near to any chemicals and don;t touch any washing detergents at all, as i use washing machines and dryers and there is no direct contact with any sort of chemicals.

                I am wearing the clinical gloves while washing dishes etc, to preventing the cracked fingers to get in contact. some times i am wearing those gloves for cooking as well because if i am cutting chillis, vegetables and lime, the juice from the vegetables make my fingers burn with pain.

                too many problems to list with the cracked fingers.


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                  Notice the white dots on your nails? this is a good indication for silica.
                  Not so much for graph.
                  Can you get to a drug store that sells homeopathic remedies?
                  Silica 200c should work for you. It is a slow worker so improvement should show up in a couple of weeks.
                  If not, or if you experience worries or discomfort contact back here or send me a PM


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                    dosage schedule ?

                    Hi Parachute,

                    I Have access to the Homeo medicines manufactured by Boiron near by. I will go get the silica 200c tomorrow.
                    BTW, how do i use them ? meaning what frequency ? daily/weekly what times ?

                    Are there any food restrictions that i need to follow ?

                    pls do guide me and i shall follow the schedule.

                    thanks a bunch


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                      Hi Parachute,

                      Well, I just looked in myHomeo medicines kit that i had a while ago and i did find with name silecia-200 and i believe it is also called silica right ?

                      But the medicines in the kit are a year old, which my dad gave it to me.
                      Can i use it ? or should i buy a new one ?



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                        Well good for Dad,
                        They should be O.K. I have some that still work after twenty years.
                        As long as they have been kept away from heat and any strong smelling things, (camphor mainly) Assuming these are liquids, If pills, disolve in water before.
                        Recomend you take six drops in a disposable cup and half fill with water, stirr it and take a half mouthfull eveningtime.
                        Next morning, pound the remedy in the bottle ( this raises the potency slightly and stops agrovations)into your palm six-eight, times and do all the same again.
                        Then do it no more, wait for an indication of improvement, maybe a goodnights sleep or a clarity of mind. no matter if this doesn't happen but something will and you will know it.
                        Keep us posted


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                          I have the pills

                          Hi Parachute,

                          I do have the pils and i had taken the medicine mixed in the water as suggested and let's see how it goes. I will wait a week and keep you posted about the progress



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                            peeling finger tips

                            Hello, I am writing about my 3yr old son who started to have peeling fingers tips last year and we have tried homeopathy, but it has not worked. He had Lymes desease last year, which we treated with 2 months of antibiotics. He has had lots of colds and viruses this year. Can this condition be due to virus or seemed to start at the same time. We live in Colorado and it is worse in the winter, but happens all year round. I would appreciate any advice...

                            Concerned Mom


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                              Take a dose 2 hr before bed time and a clear half hour after food, if you have a sound sleep then be assured the rem is working..repeat dose for 2 more nights.. and wait for next 72 hrs and watch .. you will sure get a clear pic by then. avoid coffee, any fuzzy drinks, canned food and alcohol.. This is just a suggestion.